Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Please Tell Me Once Again, Just Who Are The Nazis?

If you have attended a Tea Party, or a Town Hall to voice your disagreement with the Obama regime, and the democrats leftist push for our country, you have been called a "right wing extremist," a "racist," and even a "Nazi." The idea that conservatives have any relationship to Nazis has never made any sense to me. The Nationalist Socialist party, the key word was Socialist, they were big on government control over all aspects of their citizens lives, their businesses, they immediately started a National Health Care plan upon taking power.

Tonight, I will leave you with a very short story. I would rather that you see the impact of this story and ponder it compared to what you are learning about the Health Care bill, and the book to "help" veterans decide if they are living a life worth living or if their families would be better off if they committed suicide. If you don't believe me, read it yourself.


Page 21 is particularly interesting. As we learn more about several of the Czars that Obama surrounds himself, along with Tom Daschle, and Dr. Zeke Emanuel who are all on record in believing in rationing health care to the young, old, and infirm to save money to treat those from 15-40 as the priority patients.

This is the story that can be found in a wonderful movie called "Life is Beautiful," if you haven't seen this movie, it is well worth your time. It is truly inspiring. This scene is at a fancy dinner party in Italy.

A woman is at the dinner table, freshly home from her trip to Germany where she was able to observe German schools. She was so excited about these brilliant German students who were able to do such complex math equations in the 3rd grade.
She went on to give a specific example of an equation these brilliant pupils were able to solve. "These are 3rd graders it is quite shocking how they were able to handle this equation.....

If a lunatic cost the government health care 4 marks a day to support, and supporting a cripple costs 4 1/2 Marks a day, and an epileptic costs the state health system 3 1/2 Marks a day, figure an average of 4 Marks a day each, by the fact that there are 300,000 of these people using the state's money, how much would the state save if these individuals were simply eliminated, or eradicated?

At this our heroine, Dora said "Completely Unbelievable!" The look on her face filled with horror. Yet our speaker missed the point of Dora's look, and answered, "I couldn't believe it myself that an elementary school child could be capable of solving such a complex equation."

Dora's soon to be ex-fiance said, "This isn't such hard math, it is simply multiplication, take the 4 Marks per day times 300,000 and you see that the State saves 1.2 million marks a day by killing those cripples.

Our speaker agreed, but once again said it was so impressive that 7 year old children could get this math, and what a true master race are those wonderful Germans.

Is this not the very conversation that is going on today about our own Health Care System? It seems to come down to one of two held beliefs. If you believe that life was formed by a great cosmic accident, and we all evolved from some sort of slime, then you probably have no problem ending someone else's grandmother's life when she gets to be "too" expensive to "allow" to live. However, if you believe that each and every one of us is created in the image of our Creator, that we are all God's miracles, we believe that no one, and no government has any business playing God and telling us when we have to die.

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