Saturday, August 29, 2009

Letter to Senator Bayh

Have you written your letters to your Senators and Congressmen yet? If not, here is one of mine. If you want to use parts of it, or just copy and paste and add your name that would be fine by me. Just write them, every letter counts as 1,000 people in their accounting world. They believe that there are a 1,000 who feel the same as anyone who is moved enough to write a letter.

Senator Evan Bayh
131 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Bayh,

When Congress and the Senate come back from break there are three bills facing you of critical importance to the future of all Americans. Never before have such total game changing legislation come at the same time each with the potential of destroying the very fabric of America. The Health Care Bill, the Cap and Trade Bill, and the Card Check Bill each are designed to remove our American liberties and replace them with a near Totalitarian State.

The Health Care Bill would effectively take away the greatest health care system in the world away from the American people to give the Federal government total control over each American’s life. With this bill, it doesn’t matter if you want to call them death panels or not, it effectively creates a system to determine the “value” of a person’s life to determine if they will get treatment or not. It will create as system that will reduce the available health care that we have today.

There are much better free market solutions to help reduce costs and improve care. We need to look at removing the restrictions on selling insurance across State Lines. Another opportunity for savings would be to allow and encourage first party payer plans and move away from the third party systems of employer based, and stay far away from the idea of a single party nightmare of government health care. There has to be tort reform to not only eliminates the cost of legislation, but to stop redundant medical tests that are only done as a CYA of the doctors practicing defensive medicine to protect them from litigation.

There are good options available for Health Care, and Health Insurance reform, but the government option isn’t one of them. Not only would it destroy our current health care system, and cause rationing and shortages of basic services, it will bankrupt this country. Quoting you from a letter you sent to me on July 14th “The troubled State of public finances highlights the importance of restoring fiscal responsibility to the federal budget. Simply put, it is immoral to borrow from our children and grandchildren to finance large and persistent deficits.” Then later you said, “As a longtime leader in the Senate for restoring fiscal responsibility, please know that I will continue to fight to bring accountability and sunshine to a budget process in desperate need of repair.”

I thank you for those comforting words; please remember them when it comes to voting against this outrageously expensive and destructive bill. I ask that you vote against each of these anti-liberty, anti-freedom, anti-Constitutional, and anti-fiscally responsible bills.

Jim Morgan

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