Monday, August 31, 2009

Cap and Trade Letter to Senator.

There is nothing that I can hope for more than to have as many people as possible to write to the Senators and Congressmen to voice opposition to these bills. I am posting mine so if you don't like writing you can cut and paste with minor tweaks and make them yours.

306 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-1401
(202) 224-4814 p
(202) 228-0360 f

Dear Senator Lugar,

When Congress and the Senate come back from break there are three bills facing you of critical importance to the future of all Americans. Never before have such total game changing legislation come at the same time each with the potential of destroying the very fabric of America. The Cap and Trade Bill, the Health Care bill, and the Card Check Bill each are designed to remove our American liberties and replace them with a near Totalitarian State.

The Cap and Trade Bill, while touted as a way of no less saving the world from global destruction, is nothing more than a way to destroy the American Capitalist system and give away our place in the world economy to others who would be laughing at us for committing fiscal suicide. Your own experience as a leader from Indiana should make it clear to you that not only would this largest tax increase in the history of man destroy America’s economy, it would wipe Indiana completely out.

In a letter from you on July 30th you told me that you would never vote for this bill, that was truly wonderful news to me.
I thank you for those comforting words; please remember them when it comes to voting against this outrageously expensive and destructive bill. I ask that you vote against each of these anti-liberty, anti-freedom, anti-Constitutional, and anti-fiscally responsible bills.

Jim Morgan

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