Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Little Fun With Health Care Math.

There is no bigger issue on the political table today than the Nationalization of our Health Care System. The progressive take over of the Health Insurance industry has been approved by both the House and Senate with a guarantee of approval by President Obama. The only thing standing in the way are some procedural issues and the fact that a large majority of the American people are angrily demanding No Mas!

The argument for government to "solve" our "health care crisis" is the constant refrain of 46 million Americans who have no insurance. The sales pitch is how can America, the most prosperous nation on earth, not cover those people with the "basic right" of health care? Of course those of us who debate that their is no basic, or Constitutional "right" to health care, that it is a commodity are considered cold hearted.

However, rather than debating the authority or charter for the government to provide or even to control the health care industry, let's look at those numbers. Of course figures don't lie, but liars do figure.

First when we hear 46 million people are without health insurance, it pulls at our heart strings. That is the point, they want you to "feel" that "someone" needs to do something about it. Maybe even to the point that you will not get mad at your government for spending 2.5 trillion dollars on it.

How did they come up with that 46 million number? First of all if you subtract the 10-12 million illegal aliens who wouldn't or at least we are being told wouldn't receive government health care anyway, we drop to a number of 34-36 million people, Still a large number.

Then when we consider that about 18 million people who don't have health insurance make in excess of 50,000.00/year and over half of them over 75,000.00/year, but choose to not buy insurance. Most are young and choose to spend their money in other ways assuming that since they are young and healthy that they can risk it successfully. These people can afford insurance, because they are young and healthy their rates are much lower. If they did buy insurance rates might go down for all policies since insurance rates are tied to risks, and are most sensitive to adverse selection where those who need it most buy it most. Now we are down to 22-24 million people.

Then their "interesting" math continues by instead of counting only those who do not have insurance for a significant length of time, they count everyone who has ever lost it for even a few days or weeks out of the year when changing jobs or other events in their lives. Then to make that number higher yet they stretch that time to view who may have lost insurance for a period out to any time over a two year period instead of just a year. That way if someone is without insurance for one month out of twenty four months they become part of those "without insurance" figures counted as if that number is static.

To get higher percentages "of those not insured" they don't count anyone over 65 in their statistics because all people over 65 are insured with Medicare. By leaving those seniors out it allows them to show a higher percentage of Americans uninsured than is the reality.

By the time you adjust to reality there are maybe 12-15 million Americans who are uninsured. So the solution to this issue according to the Progressives in the Democrat party is to completely overhaul our entire system and force 86% of us into a system to "fix" it for the 4% who don't have insurance.

Even if we as Americans decided to pay for a Cadillac health insurance policy through private insurance companies for each of those 12-15 million people it would be a lot cheaper than this disaster of a health care bill. If we assume that those 12-15 million people are likely families with 1.5 children it would cost about 85 billion to pay for these policies. That would be 1/30th as much as the current health care bill will cost us. I would assume that with the buying power of a group of 12-15 million people we could buy it for a LOT less. If not, I would be happy to start an insurance company to bid for that deal.

"Never waste a good crisis." Rahm Emanuel that is all this issue is about. Create a crisis, sell the American people that the government is the only solution, and then take over. However, for once, the American people were awake and said Hell No.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Progressives Taking Over The Tea Party Movement?

Yesterday someone sent a post to me that speculates of the left trying to take over the Tea Party Movement. It presents some interesting possibilities and is deserving of some serious questions. It may well explain some of the debates in which I find myself on different discussion threads.

We learned yesterday day that Jon Ashjian that is running in the Nevada Senate race as a Tea Party candidate is a big Obama supporter, and tied directly to Harry Reid. It appears that his candidacy is nothing more than a progressive funded attempt to split the vote to defeat Republican Danny Tarkanian and protecting Harry Reid's seat for the Democrats.

We have also recently learned that Bill Clinton is going to head an attack program to discredit and destroy the lives and careers of Tea Party leaders. No one is better at the politics of destruction than are the Clintons.

We have also learned that the Obama White House is hiring people and paying them 24,000.00 a year to personally attack the Tea Party Movement, in person, online, on blogs, and throughout all the social networking sites. They are being paid to be trolls to engage and "debate" those who are speaking out against Obama and his policies. This is nothing new, that has been an Obama standard operating procedure throughout the entire election cycle, only now we as tax payers get to pay for it.I guess those are part of those jobs "created or saved" he touts.

What just struck me is that these trolls maybe pretending to be conservatives, promoting nonsensical ideas, pushing 9/11 truther, GOP bashing, promoting third party candidates, and even Ron Paul. This is much more dangerous than they would be if they were simply defending Obama. Most of the conservatives would join forces and debate against Obama's policies in lockstep. But by pretending to be "ultra-conservative" and promoting separation, even secession, and how "they can't support the Republicans unless 'they' run this or that kind of candidate." If they can trick true tea partiers into believing them, and talk them into any of these damaging ideas, that would be the best chance Obama and Democrats would have to survive this election cycle.

From now on I will be looking at those agitating on blogs responses, and discussion threads in a very different light. What are your thoughts?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tax The Rich, Isn't That The Answer To Everything?

The cornerstone of the Obama economic plan is to increase government spending to "stimulate" the economy, and pay for it by raising the taxes on those who make over 250,000.00 or 200,000.00, or 150,000.00 per year depending upon which speech you heard. It is the classic class envy, soak the rich, sales pitch that the Democrats have been using since FDR, with the exception of JFK.

This is always popular because most people don't make this kind of money, so it is easy to "sell" them that they will get some sort of benefit while their boss pays for it. This isn't a new idea, but is being used to advance a political agenda at the expense of American liberty. We have had many or our leaders speak to us on this their words were never more important to hear than they are today.

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money,
that will herald the end of the republic.”

- Benjamin Franklin

“A democracy is always temporary in nature;
it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.
A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover
that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.
From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates
who promise the most benefits from the public treasury,
with the result that every democracy will finally collapse
due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship”

- Alexander Tytler 1787

"A government that is big enough to give you all you want
is big enough to take it all away."

- Barry Goldwater

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul
can always depend on the support of Paul."

- George Bernard Shaw

"Our democracy will cease to exist
when you take away from those who are willing to work
and give to those who would not."

- Thomas Jefferson

Let's assume that the number that Obama and the Democrats settle on is that 250,000.00 income number. Even though Obama was heard to say that he was now "agnostic" on the idea of raising taxes on the middle class.

Surely those "rich" people have been getting away with not paying their fair share for years haven't they? I mean under Bush and the Republicans those "fat cats" have had it made. Hasn't it been off the backs of the little guy to pay all our nation's expenses? Isn't that what we hear?

Okay, what are the numbers? Let's look at the last complete record we have to look at, for 2006, the sixth year under Bush's pay off to all those fat cats with his tax cuts for the rich.

Total Tax Bill for ALL Americans:

39.9% paid by the top 1% of income earners.

71% paid by the top 10% of income earners. (31.1% paid by 2-10%)

97% paid by the top 50% of income earners. (26% paid by 11-50%)

Bottom 50%, half of all American INCOME EARNERS, paid a combined total of just 3% of total tax bill.

This was after the Bush Tax Cuts!!

By the way, guess who most of these top earners are? Two thirds of them are small business owners, the very people who create most of the jobs in America. If Obama taxes them higher, and piles on higher health care costs, they will be forced to cut back on that as employees.

We have seen an excellent example of how raising minimum wage has destroyed the job market for young people, there have been over 300,000 jobs lost for teenagers, maybe well over a million when you consider how many people have taken these starter jobs after loosing their better paying jobs and careers.

"We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself
into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and
trying to lift himself up by the handle."

- Winston Churchill

"Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery."

- Calvin Coolidge

The results of these policies are easy to predict. It makes me wonder, are Obama and his administration completely incompetent, or are they doing this on purpose to destroy the prosperity in America? I can't imagine a third option, can you?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Was The Real Reason For Bayh Quitting?

Yesterday Senator Evan Bayh told America that he was tired of the partisan bickering in the Senate and was not going to run again. This just twenty four hours before the candidates are required to turn in their 4,500 signatures to run for Senate. By doing this he robbed the Indiana Democrat voters a choice in who would represent them in the election this fall. He put the Democrat party in a lurch having to scramble to find a viable candidate, but since none turned in their petition today, they will be able to appoint someone to run, without letting their voters have any say. Isn't that a curious position for a career politician to put his party?

Does anyone actually believe his reasons given, that he is tired of the partisanship and lack of accomplishments in Congress? For this last year how can partisanship be an issue? His own Democrat party has such strong majorities in both the House and Senate as well as the White House that the Republicans have no say in what does or doesn't pass. If they haven't been able to pass their bills it is 100% in the court of the Democrats and their own infighting. The Republicans could have all stayed home in their home states their votes are meaningless, or were until Scott Brown won.

Okay, if this is true, and it is, why did Bayh actually quit?

1. Is it due to his own internal polling that showed that he was likely to lose for the first time in his political career?

2. Are there things tied to his wife's earnings that come due to his Senate seat that might prove embarrassing?

3. Is Bayh trying to distance himself from President Obama and his policies so he can mount a campaign against Obama for the Democrat nomination in 2012?

4. Will Hilary step down soon and start her own campaign against Obama with Bayh coming along as her running mate?

5. Has Bayh worked out a deal where he will be the deciding fifty first vote on Health Care by avoiding the wrath of the voters this fall?

6. Could it be possible that Bayh was tired of being abused by the Chicago Mafia in the White House?

Frankly, I haven't decided which I think it is. I am pretty sure that it isn't the last one. If it was, then things must be pretty bad to walk away twenty four hours before the filing deadline. If I were a betting man, it would be #3 or #5.

What say you?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Tale of Two Races in Indiana.

It may well be said upon history's writing that the election of 2010 may be one of the most important in our Republic's history. It may well be the one that decides if we remain free, are allowed to keep our God given Liberty, or are turned into serfs of the ever more oppressive government. This is a national election with many key battles taking place in districts all across this great land. Today let's focus on just two here in Indiana.

In the 5th Congressional District we have a long time incumbent conservative Republican Dan Burton seeking what he says will be his last term. He is being challenged by not one, but four different candidates trying to wrest his seat from him for themselves.

This is absurd on many levels, from the amount of money that a five way race will be spent that could be better invested in a race that could unseat a Democrat to help stop the Obama agenda. Further, it is an effort in futility, where any anti-incumbent, or anti-Dan Burton votes will be split four ways. This should be an easy win for Dan, but an expensive race that the resources could have been far better stewarded.

It makes you ponder that if these four challengers are willing to waste so much of the potential GOP fundraising cash for this race, what they might do when and if elected. Potentially the worst of all is why focus on a race against one of the most conservative members of Congress. In Indiana you can run in any District, why not go after one of the Democrats and do some good?

There is a new race forming for the Senate seat held by Evan Bayh. Marlin Stutzman was one of the early entries for the GOP nomination, there have been some others to throw their hats into the ring including Richard Behney, a tea party activist, who the GOP had to distance themselves when he said if the 2010 election didn't go well that he would be ready to clean his guns and join the "revolution." John Hostettler is making a run and could be a player, but now into the fray comes former Senator Dan Coats which really makes this race all the more interesting.

The more crowded, and now with Coats, a much more high profile race is just what the doctor ordered. There are many Stutzman supporters who are quite upset by Coats entry. Of course I understand this, however, it is in the best interest of the party, Indiana, and the Republic at large. The goal is to beat Evan Bayh, to unseat a long time popular Democrat who talks moderate but votes progressive. With Coats in the race it will draw much more media attention, while Stutzman and Hostettler were already there, they were still polling below Bayh. The very day Coats throws his hat in the ring, he is leading Bayh, making this race all the more of an opportunity to take back the Senate.

Personally I am supporting Marlin Stutzman and Dan Coats equally at this point. A vibrant and energetic primary will be just what we need. If Coats wins, he is already leading Bayh, but will be even more well known after an intense primary. If Stutzman wins and beats Coats, his name recognition will be off the charts directly because of competing with Coats in the primary. This is Stutzman's best chance to win against Bayh as well. This is a win win for the GOP.

For this same reason, I am supporting both Marvin Scott and Scott May in the GOP primary for the 7th District Congressional seat held by Andre Carson.

I will make my pick among these closer to the primaries, right now, I am excited about exciting GOP primaries!

Friday, February 5, 2010

You Say You Want Change, Then Change It.

Are there things said that sound like fingernails on the chalkboard to you? One of those to me at present is the near constant refrain of "Until the Republican Party does this, or that I can't support them, and will vote for a third party." Of course that sounds noble and full of proper integrity, however, it is simply showing a lack of understanding of civics, history, and someone who is appallingly naive.

Before you start heating up the tar and plucking feathers for me, allow me to finish. Who is the "Republican Party" are they some far away group who dictates from on high? Are they the man behind the curtain? No, they are you and I, if you don't like how things are going change them. Take responsibility and be accountable yourself.

One of my favorite quotes is by Mike Murdock, "Never complain about what you permit." If you aren't doing anything to change something, you have no right to complain about it. Kind of harsh isn't it? However, very true isn't it?

If you don't like the candidates that "The Party" is endorsing, you can do something about it. We have an unprecedented opportunity to change our party to our own liking. However, we have to change our habits to do so. Republican voters, and conservatives have long been more interested in their own lives, their own businesses, their own families that they traditionally leave politics to someone else to take care of. Sure we are happy to vote, happy to discuss and fuss, but not to get too involved.

Today almost half of all the voting precincts across America don't even have a Republican precinct committeeman. My son found out that his precinct where he bought a home hadn't had one in a decade, so put his name in ran unopposed and now they do. As such he is now one of those who helps decide who the party promotes. Have you considered throwing your hat in the ring and being "The Republican Party" who makes these choices? How about running for State Delegate and be part of the party that again chooses who "the party" throws their financial support behind?

These entry level positions in our party are grossly under represented, but they are the power of the party. You say you want to see the party turn more conservative, then we need more conservative and energetic people to fill these positions. What would happen if those of us who like to run our mouths put them where our money is, it doesn't even cost anything for these.

As Nike says, Just Do It.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The first time that I read the book "Personality Plus" by Florence Littauer I threw it across the room. The idea that this information has been around for well over two thousand years, and I was reading "Catcher in the Rye" in school instead of this information. If you have not studied the D.I.S.C. principle, or Hippocrates theory of the four temperaments. Your life will change dramatically once you do. Your marriage, your children, your business will all benefit greatly.

Other than "Personality Plus" which is Hippocrates theory, another excellent book is "Positive Personality Profiles" by Robert Rohm. Everyone will benefit by learning this information. Below is a quick overview, but I strongly recommend checking out those two books, you will be glad you did.

A Quick Introduction
What DISC is.
· · DISC is the universal language of behavior, and emotions.
· · DISC categorizes how we act, (behavior.)
What DISC is NOT.
· · NOT a measurement of a person’s intelligence.
· · NOT an indicator of a person’s value.
· · NOT a measurement of skills and experience.
· · NOT a measurement of education and training.
It does allow you to move from the Golden Rule to the Platinum Rule. Instead of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.
In other words, speak their unspoken language.
When you understand DISC it will help you to not only know yourself better, but you will be able to identify your clients, and will be able to tailor your presentation to how they want to hear it.
Change Agent
Results Oriented
Sense of Urgency
Change Agent
They are fast paced, extroverted, and task oriented. Very bottom line.
High verbal skills,
Projects self confidence,
Rather talk than listen,
They are fast paced, extroverted, and relationship or people oriented. They are all about the people, the happening.
Dislikes confrontation,
Controls Emotion,
Good Listener
They are slower paced, more introverted, very people and relationship oriented. Family and Friends are #1.
Concern for Quality,
Attention to Detail.
They are slower paced, more introverted, very task oriented.
Check out the pace of someone when they walk in to your model.
If they are walking fast, moving fast, odds are they are either a D or an I. Conversely if they are moving slower odds are either a C or S.
If they are very to the point asking fact finding questions, likely a D or C, if they are more friendly oriented people questions about you or whatever, odds are an S or I.
For more information quickly, a good book on the subject is
“ Positive Personality Profiles” by Dr. Robert Rohm.
Self Test, number each group of four from 1-4. 1 being least like you, 4 being most.
1. _________ Enthusiastic I
_________ Bold D
_________ Conscientious C
_________ Friendly S
2. ________ Logical C
________ Attractive I
________ Good Natured S
________ Outspoken D
3 _______ Agreeable S
_______ Outgoing I
_______ Daring D
_______ Careful C
4. ________ Strong-willed D
_______ Tactful C
_______ Sympathetic S
_______ Charming I
5. _______ Gentle S
______ Well- Disciplined C
______ Talkative I
_______ Pioneering D
6. ______ Competitive D
______ Even tempered S
______ Good mixer I
______ Thorough C
7. ______ Sociable I
______ Dominant D
______ Controlled C
______ Easygoing S
8. ______ Reserved C
______ Appealing I
______ Kind S
______ Direct D
9. _____ High-spirited I
_____ Amiable S
_____ Vigorous D
_____ Accurate C
10. ______ Restless D
______ Expressive I
______ Diplomatic C
______ Considerate S
Add the numbers of each letter DISC and place them on lines
D______, I________, S_________, C_________
Circle the letter with the highest point total, and put a check mark by the letter with the second highest total. The letter you circled is your primary DISC behavior, the check mark is your secondary.