Sunday, May 20, 2012

We Have Met The Enemy.

As November approaches it is becoming very evident that Obama is in the fight of his life. It looks like his hard ceiling for support will be somewhere between 48 and 51 percent of the vote under ideal conditions for him. The election will likely come down to a Romney landslide or a very narrow win by Obama. Obama's best chance for reelection will be what happens with many of the conservative voters. We are, once again, proving to be our own worst enemies.

There are several things that are popping up on Social Media from some conservatives that could be used against us to give Obama a chance. Have you seen the calls for Impeachment, or for proving Obama's ineligibility to hold office due to his own press release that he was born in Kenya? At this point neither are beneficial to our quest of taking back the White House. Another thing that is prevalent is attacks against Romney for not being conservative enough. Really? Compared to Obama, Castro, Putin, and Hu Jintao, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party are all to the right of Obama, and all have criticized him for his overreaching push to make America Socialist. They know that the world's economy is tied to the economic engine of the American economy.

When you hear these comments please try to educate those saying them. Consider the Impeachment, and the attacks against the GOP controlled House for not impeaching Obama. Explain to them some basic civics, the House can indict the President, but then it goes to the Senate where they would either find him guilty or acquit him. It takes 3/4ths of the Senators to vote to Impeach and remove or he stays in power and survives. Remind them that the Senate contains 53 Senators who caucus as Democrats and only 47 Republicans. Do you really think Harry Reid and his buddies are going to show Obama the door? All we would accomplish is Impeach Obama in the House just as we did Bill Clinton. Let's not lose focus, We The People will "impeach" him on November 6th.

We all know that Obama wasn't vetted before 2008 and the Main Stream Media will not do it again this year. However, pursuing making Obama ineligible to run this year due to his press release that he was born in Kenya actually is a gift to the Democrats. This would be the greatest thing to happen to them, they could rid themselves of Obama and could run Hilary who, while being as far left as Obama, is well received by the public. I would love to see this explored after the elections to see if we can remove some of the things his signature put forth, hopefully a couple radical Supreme Court Justices, but let's wait until after the election.

As to Romney not being conservative "enough," granted he isn't the dream ideologue, but he is extremely competent, very qualified, and we can't compare him to our wish list of conservatives, he isn't running against them. We must compare him honestly with Obama who he is running against. In doing that he looks like Ronald Reagan.

Ultimately we must all come together and support Romney in defeating Obama. We are facing one of the three most critical elections in this nation's history, the 1800, 1860, and the 2012 all did, or will, determine if America survives as a Free Republic. We can argue about semantics again after the election, but now is the time for all Free men and women to come together to throw Obama to the trash bin of history.