Saturday, July 30, 2016

Okay Not Why Not Hillary But Why Trump?

Today I was asked by an old high school friend who holds opposite political views than myself, "Why should I vote for Donald Trump? Not why I should vote against Hillary, but for Trump."

Let me attempt to answer that in a way that is relevant to those who may not agree with a lot of my own political beliefs. There are going to be those things that I hold dear that she would not. So allow me some space to try to answer her question for her. I chose this forum to record it because it is highly likely that I will be asked this again.

From a position stand point I agree with most of them, but not all. There has yet to be a president in our history from Washington forward that I've agreed with all they did or believed, with the possible exception of Calvin Coolidge.

Trump plans to build the Wall and make Mexico pay for it. Of course people scoff at this but he's outlined his thoughts and plans well on his website so I won't repeat them here. This will be long enough as it is. When it comes to the wall, I am not a fan of an actual wall, I find history too often found them eventually used to hold people in rather than others out. But with that said, I agree completely with the reason for the wall and what it represents for America. A nation is not a sovereign nation without borders and means of screening those coming in and going out.
Our economy is bleeding billions upon billions of dollars supporting those who are here illegally, clogging the health services for citizens and draining the resources to educate our own citizens and more. The safety of the nation in the world of today is all the more critical to assure those coming in are not intent on destruction.

While here, the Muslim ban, is anything but what the media and the Democrats are painting it. It's simply common sense. If we are at war with Radical Islam, and we are, then it makes sense to be highly careful before allowing someone in who could be on a mission of Jihad. Many of three counties have long been primitive and corrupt but today there is near anarchy where there is no means of finding records on people who want to come in. We MUST find a way to be assured those we allow in don't kill American citizens.

U.S. Trade, while the media paints a picture of isolationist that is anything but what he is actually saying. He is saying it's time to create trade deals that are win-win or not at all. For decades our deals have been done by politicians who are clueless about world economies and business and are being undressed by other nations in these deals. We need someone who understands how to trade internationally to renegotiate these deals and we have never had a better candidate to do that than Trumo who runs a highly successful global business.

Those who claim he is a bad businessman due to four of his LLC's filing Chapter 11. Keep in mind two things, that is part of our laws to protect the overt risk of business and capital. Second that those were four strategic bankruptcies out of 550 different LLC's he owns. That is a staggering success rate.

For decades, especially over the last eight years, it has become an absolute disgrace what we have done to our military and veterans. The VA is a place of nightmares where they have even been caught delaying service until the veteran died to avoid spending the money to treat them. Our active military has been engaged in war since 2002 without relief. All the while we have cut funding, reduced force numbers and ask those in service to keep going back on tours over and over again. It has caused the highest suicide rates in history in our armed forces. Trump promises to fix it or change it. If after analysis of the VA if he believes it not fixable then he will push to allow the money we promise to care for them to be used at any hospital to get the vets the care we owe them.

Tax reform he understands why American companies are moving their jobs overseas and hoarding now about 10 trillion dollars off shore. America has the highest business tax rates in the world making them less competitive in this, the global market place. Reducing these rates will cause businesses to grow in America bring back jobs and prosperity.

Trump has promised to repeal the 29,000 new regulations on businesses imposed since Obama took office that have been the cause of the lost decade in our economy. It has crushed small businesses in favor of Wall Street, large companies don't mind because it crushes their competition who cannot afford the floors of employees who do nothing but keep them compliant.

Trump has shown clearly that he is committed to protecting the Constitution with the list of Supreme Court Justice candidates he is proposing.

Beyond all the above he is uniquely fitted for the time we find ourselves. First he is the first politician in my lifetime who will lose net worth by becoming president because his time value of money is massively better in business. He is a businessman who actually understands how to create a dollar, the only one of all that ran who have.
He is the only one who has actually created a job in his life and he has tens of thousands working for him.

Politics has long been a breeding ground for corruption and this election has shown that even more clearly. Ask those who were "Feeling the Bern" about their wake up call. This may in fact be our only chance to actually send someone who isn't bought and paid for on either side of the aisle to actually give the power back to the people instead of some sort of ongoing Hunger Games immitation where we currently find ourselves.