Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Little Fun With Health Care Math.

There is no bigger issue on the political table today than the Nationalization of our Health Care System. The progressive take over of the Health Insurance industry has been approved by both the House and Senate with a guarantee of approval by President Obama. The only thing standing in the way are some procedural issues and the fact that a large majority of the American people are angrily demanding No Mas!

The argument for government to "solve" our "health care crisis" is the constant refrain of 46 million Americans who have no insurance. The sales pitch is how can America, the most prosperous nation on earth, not cover those people with the "basic right" of health care? Of course those of us who debate that their is no basic, or Constitutional "right" to health care, that it is a commodity are considered cold hearted.

However, rather than debating the authority or charter for the government to provide or even to control the health care industry, let's look at those numbers. Of course figures don't lie, but liars do figure.

First when we hear 46 million people are without health insurance, it pulls at our heart strings. That is the point, they want you to "feel" that "someone" needs to do something about it. Maybe even to the point that you will not get mad at your government for spending 2.5 trillion dollars on it.

How did they come up with that 46 million number? First of all if you subtract the 10-12 million illegal aliens who wouldn't or at least we are being told wouldn't receive government health care anyway, we drop to a number of 34-36 million people, Still a large number.

Then when we consider that about 18 million people who don't have health insurance make in excess of 50,000.00/year and over half of them over 75,000.00/year, but choose to not buy insurance. Most are young and choose to spend their money in other ways assuming that since they are young and healthy that they can risk it successfully. These people can afford insurance, because they are young and healthy their rates are much lower. If they did buy insurance rates might go down for all policies since insurance rates are tied to risks, and are most sensitive to adverse selection where those who need it most buy it most. Now we are down to 22-24 million people.

Then their "interesting" math continues by instead of counting only those who do not have insurance for a significant length of time, they count everyone who has ever lost it for even a few days or weeks out of the year when changing jobs or other events in their lives. Then to make that number higher yet they stretch that time to view who may have lost insurance for a period out to any time over a two year period instead of just a year. That way if someone is without insurance for one month out of twenty four months they become part of those "without insurance" figures counted as if that number is static.

To get higher percentages "of those not insured" they don't count anyone over 65 in their statistics because all people over 65 are insured with Medicare. By leaving those seniors out it allows them to show a higher percentage of Americans uninsured than is the reality.

By the time you adjust to reality there are maybe 12-15 million Americans who are uninsured. So the solution to this issue according to the Progressives in the Democrat party is to completely overhaul our entire system and force 86% of us into a system to "fix" it for the 4% who don't have insurance.

Even if we as Americans decided to pay for a Cadillac health insurance policy through private insurance companies for each of those 12-15 million people it would be a lot cheaper than this disaster of a health care bill. If we assume that those 12-15 million people are likely families with 1.5 children it would cost about 85 billion to pay for these policies. That would be 1/30th as much as the current health care bill will cost us. I would assume that with the buying power of a group of 12-15 million people we could buy it for a LOT less. If not, I would be happy to start an insurance company to bid for that deal.

"Never waste a good crisis." Rahm Emanuel that is all this issue is about. Create a crisis, sell the American people that the government is the only solution, and then take over. However, for once, the American people were awake and said Hell No.

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