Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Example Why We Don't Want Government Health Care

How can anyone who has ever had to deal with the government, ever want government controlled health care?

For the last week my wife kept trying to call the number on her traffic ticket as the contact number. She had a question she wanted an answer to before she paid it. After repeated calls daily for several days she never got anything but an answering machine, it doesn't matter what time she called. Today was the final day so she planned to pay it online until she noticed on the bottom of the page where she was about to submit that it wouldn't be credited for forty eight to seventy two hours.

We started calling other numbers in the court house and finally found a human, after a long time on hold, another human told us there was no way to get it done in time other than to come to the court house and pay it today before four. If we didn't she would have her license suspended until she came down with proof of pay to get a receipt to take back to BMV.

My wife was walking out the door to take her mom to the hospital, so I took off for the court house. Once I found a parking space, double parked in front of a no parking zone, went in to see lines circling the hallways. I stood in line for about an hour to get to the first window and still was about a hundred feet from it. Looking at what was in front of me, just to get into the next line for the next window, I left for my appointment elsewhere.

My son went there to get in line, and my wife was able to meet him there after leaving the hospital, as he was getting to the window. They got the receipt at 3:59.

This event reminded me of how the BMV used to be in Indiana before Mitch Daniels cleaned it up and made it run like a business. The BMV is the exception not the rule today. Maybe if Mitch Daniels ran government health care it might work, but he may decide to retire someday and then where would we be?

Why would anyone who was not feeling well want to deal with this kind of aggravation? Why would anyone want to see their loved ones while ill be treated this way? If you have had dealings with Government anything you surely don't want government health care.

Think about it.

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