Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Tale of Two Races in Indiana.

It may well be said upon history's writing that the election of 2010 may be one of the most important in our Republic's history. It may well be the one that decides if we remain free, are allowed to keep our God given Liberty, or are turned into serfs of the ever more oppressive government. This is a national election with many key battles taking place in districts all across this great land. Today let's focus on just two here in Indiana.

In the 5th Congressional District we have a long time incumbent conservative Republican Dan Burton seeking what he says will be his last term. He is being challenged by not one, but four different candidates trying to wrest his seat from him for themselves.

This is absurd on many levels, from the amount of money that a five way race will be spent that could be better invested in a race that could unseat a Democrat to help stop the Obama agenda. Further, it is an effort in futility, where any anti-incumbent, or anti-Dan Burton votes will be split four ways. This should be an easy win for Dan, but an expensive race that the resources could have been far better stewarded.

It makes you ponder that if these four challengers are willing to waste so much of the potential GOP fundraising cash for this race, what they might do when and if elected. Potentially the worst of all is why focus on a race against one of the most conservative members of Congress. In Indiana you can run in any District, why not go after one of the Democrats and do some good?

There is a new race forming for the Senate seat held by Evan Bayh. Marlin Stutzman was one of the early entries for the GOP nomination, there have been some others to throw their hats into the ring including Richard Behney, a tea party activist, who the GOP had to distance themselves when he said if the 2010 election didn't go well that he would be ready to clean his guns and join the "revolution." John Hostettler is making a run and could be a player, but now into the fray comes former Senator Dan Coats which really makes this race all the more interesting.

The more crowded, and now with Coats, a much more high profile race is just what the doctor ordered. There are many Stutzman supporters who are quite upset by Coats entry. Of course I understand this, however, it is in the best interest of the party, Indiana, and the Republic at large. The goal is to beat Evan Bayh, to unseat a long time popular Democrat who talks moderate but votes progressive. With Coats in the race it will draw much more media attention, while Stutzman and Hostettler were already there, they were still polling below Bayh. The very day Coats throws his hat in the ring, he is leading Bayh, making this race all the more of an opportunity to take back the Senate.

Personally I am supporting Marlin Stutzman and Dan Coats equally at this point. A vibrant and energetic primary will be just what we need. If Coats wins, he is already leading Bayh, but will be even more well known after an intense primary. If Stutzman wins and beats Coats, his name recognition will be off the charts directly because of competing with Coats in the primary. This is Stutzman's best chance to win against Bayh as well. This is a win win for the GOP.

For this same reason, I am supporting both Marvin Scott and Scott May in the GOP primary for the 7th District Congressional seat held by Andre Carson.

I will make my pick among these closer to the primaries, right now, I am excited about exciting GOP primaries!


  1. I have to disagree with your view on Marvin Scott. Name reconition alone will not win him an election which he has proven the last FOUR elections that Marvin has lost. I think Carlos May, a newcomer with fresh ideas, is much better suited to defeat the Carson machine.

  2. Johnny,

    I am not sure what it is you disagree with on Marvin Scott in my post. What I said was that I am promoting both he and Carlos May. I am not going to let anyone know who I will vote for in the Senate race, and will not endorse anyone in the 7th. My goal is to promote both to do all I can to bring as much attention as possible to both primary races. A vibrant primary will help to have a chance of beating Carson and Bayh this fall.

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