Thursday, February 25, 2010

Progressives Taking Over The Tea Party Movement?

Yesterday someone sent a post to me that speculates of the left trying to take over the Tea Party Movement. It presents some interesting possibilities and is deserving of some serious questions. It may well explain some of the debates in which I find myself on different discussion threads.

We learned yesterday day that Jon Ashjian that is running in the Nevada Senate race as a Tea Party candidate is a big Obama supporter, and tied directly to Harry Reid. It appears that his candidacy is nothing more than a progressive funded attempt to split the vote to defeat Republican Danny Tarkanian and protecting Harry Reid's seat for the Democrats.

We have also recently learned that Bill Clinton is going to head an attack program to discredit and destroy the lives and careers of Tea Party leaders. No one is better at the politics of destruction than are the Clintons.

We have also learned that the Obama White House is hiring people and paying them 24,000.00 a year to personally attack the Tea Party Movement, in person, online, on blogs, and throughout all the social networking sites. They are being paid to be trolls to engage and "debate" those who are speaking out against Obama and his policies. This is nothing new, that has been an Obama standard operating procedure throughout the entire election cycle, only now we as tax payers get to pay for it.I guess those are part of those jobs "created or saved" he touts.

What just struck me is that these trolls maybe pretending to be conservatives, promoting nonsensical ideas, pushing 9/11 truther, GOP bashing, promoting third party candidates, and even Ron Paul. This is much more dangerous than they would be if they were simply defending Obama. Most of the conservatives would join forces and debate against Obama's policies in lockstep. But by pretending to be "ultra-conservative" and promoting separation, even secession, and how "they can't support the Republicans unless 'they' run this or that kind of candidate." If they can trick true tea partiers into believing them, and talk them into any of these damaging ideas, that would be the best chance Obama and Democrats would have to survive this election cycle.

From now on I will be looking at those agitating on blogs responses, and discussion threads in a very different light. What are your thoughts?


  1. I take a little offense when you speak about the Republican primary for the Senate seat in Nevada. To only mention Danny Tarkanian like he is the only candidate in this race is disingenuous. There are a lot more candidates in the Republican primary and by no means do I expect to see Danny Tarkanian take that primary. He is a weak candidate that has not won an election in the past. He is not the true conservative in this race. He only has name recognition because of his father's famous reputation. Be a little more honest about the race and report about the other candidates also running in the race.

  2. I am sorry that I didn't go into more detail on the GOP primary. I simply was making a point about the third party candidate, not the primary.

    If you have read some of my other blogs you would see that I am a huge advocate of vibrant, energetic GOP primaries. May the best and most conservatives prevail.

    There was no intent to slight any other candidates, it is about the general election that concerns my with the third party. Further I am very concerned with the possible manipulation of the tea party movement by the left.