Friday, February 5, 2010

You Say You Want Change, Then Change It.

Are there things said that sound like fingernails on the chalkboard to you? One of those to me at present is the near constant refrain of "Until the Republican Party does this, or that I can't support them, and will vote for a third party." Of course that sounds noble and full of proper integrity, however, it is simply showing a lack of understanding of civics, history, and someone who is appallingly naive.

Before you start heating up the tar and plucking feathers for me, allow me to finish. Who is the "Republican Party" are they some far away group who dictates from on high? Are they the man behind the curtain? No, they are you and I, if you don't like how things are going change them. Take responsibility and be accountable yourself.

One of my favorite quotes is by Mike Murdock, "Never complain about what you permit." If you aren't doing anything to change something, you have no right to complain about it. Kind of harsh isn't it? However, very true isn't it?

If you don't like the candidates that "The Party" is endorsing, you can do something about it. We have an unprecedented opportunity to change our party to our own liking. However, we have to change our habits to do so. Republican voters, and conservatives have long been more interested in their own lives, their own businesses, their own families that they traditionally leave politics to someone else to take care of. Sure we are happy to vote, happy to discuss and fuss, but not to get too involved.

Today almost half of all the voting precincts across America don't even have a Republican precinct committeeman. My son found out that his precinct where he bought a home hadn't had one in a decade, so put his name in ran unopposed and now they do. As such he is now one of those who helps decide who the party promotes. Have you considered throwing your hat in the ring and being "The Republican Party" who makes these choices? How about running for State Delegate and be part of the party that again chooses who "the party" throws their financial support behind?

These entry level positions in our party are grossly under represented, but they are the power of the party. You say you want to see the party turn more conservative, then we need more conservative and energetic people to fill these positions. What would happen if those of us who like to run our mouths put them where our money is, it doesn't even cost anything for these.

As Nike says, Just Do It.

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