Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Was The Real Reason For Bayh Quitting?

Yesterday Senator Evan Bayh told America that he was tired of the partisan bickering in the Senate and was not going to run again. This just twenty four hours before the candidates are required to turn in their 4,500 signatures to run for Senate. By doing this he robbed the Indiana Democrat voters a choice in who would represent them in the election this fall. He put the Democrat party in a lurch having to scramble to find a viable candidate, but since none turned in their petition today, they will be able to appoint someone to run, without letting their voters have any say. Isn't that a curious position for a career politician to put his party?

Does anyone actually believe his reasons given, that he is tired of the partisanship and lack of accomplishments in Congress? For this last year how can partisanship be an issue? His own Democrat party has such strong majorities in both the House and Senate as well as the White House that the Republicans have no say in what does or doesn't pass. If they haven't been able to pass their bills it is 100% in the court of the Democrats and their own infighting. The Republicans could have all stayed home in their home states their votes are meaningless, or were until Scott Brown won.

Okay, if this is true, and it is, why did Bayh actually quit?

1. Is it due to his own internal polling that showed that he was likely to lose for the first time in his political career?

2. Are there things tied to his wife's earnings that come due to his Senate seat that might prove embarrassing?

3. Is Bayh trying to distance himself from President Obama and his policies so he can mount a campaign against Obama for the Democrat nomination in 2012?

4. Will Hilary step down soon and start her own campaign against Obama with Bayh coming along as her running mate?

5. Has Bayh worked out a deal where he will be the deciding fifty first vote on Health Care by avoiding the wrath of the voters this fall?

6. Could it be possible that Bayh was tired of being abused by the Chicago Mafia in the White House?

Frankly, I haven't decided which I think it is. I am pretty sure that it isn't the last one. If it was, then things must be pretty bad to walk away twenty four hours before the filing deadline. If I were a betting man, it would be #3 or #5.

What say you?

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