Sunday, March 21, 2010

Elections Have Consequences.

Tonight we witnessed history. A historic bill that seventy five percent of Americans have come out on record to say that they didn't want. How did we arrive at this point? How can something that the American people so strongly opposed be the new law of the land? There is a saying that is always right, but never welcomed. It is designed to speak to you as an individual, but works in the collective as well.

"You are exactly in life where you wanted to be." You may be screaming "NO I'M NOT!! I didn't choose my financial situation, I didn't choose this Health Care Bill!!" I say to you, yes you did. You, and I, are where we are in direct result of the decisions and actions we have made up until today, choices have consequences. So good or bad, it is your bed and you made it. The good news is you are not dead, that means you can make new decisions that will have new results.

There are two very different things I wanted to talk about in tonight's blog. I have gone back and forth as to which to write. Do I kick us all while we are down and lay out the cause of our challenges, or do I try to inspire to get up, dust ourselves off, and get back into the battle?

I really want to tell the story of Leonidas and the Brave 300 who stood in the gap at Thermopylae. He led his bravest 300 Spartan warriors and about 5,000 Athenians fighting a million warriors led by Xerxes the kind of Persia. They stood in the gap between a rock cliff soaring above them and another dropping off below them to the sea. In that gap they saved the spark of a new idea of how men could live free and independent, the infancy of Democracy. It had just begun in the city states of Greece such as Sparta and Athens. Had those city states been snuffed out, so too would have been this new idea for individual human freedoms. The history of these city states were a large part of what our founders studied to create our own.

This is too good of a story for me to write tonight in my current mood. It will have to wait, maybe later this week. Ultimately we do have to get back up after being knocked down, we must dust ourselves off and start all over again.

Tonight it is going to be about Consequences, the consequences of our actions.... or in-actions.

Tonight's results could easily have been predicted in November of 08. Once Obama was elected with overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate. There was truly nothing that could be done to stop it. The fact that it was as difficult as it was gives testament to the brilliant and valiant job the Republicans in those chambers have done. They were truly charging Hell with water pistols, but were able to hold it back for over a year. I thought they had won by keeping it from being done by last December. I didn't believe any Democrat would vote for this during an election year, I underestimated their suicide bomber mentality.

This evening it has been infuriating to see the many posts on Facebook, the emails, and texts I have seen blaming the Republicans for not fighting hard enough, not being vocal enough, not doing whatever enough. I have seen calls for third parties, or to "throw all the bums out" that we need to get rid of all 535 people who brought us this. People, there were not 535 people who brought this to us. It was 100% Democrats, and not even all of them. We need to first be honest with whom the enemy is if we hope to defeat them, we don't have our archers shoot into the midst of all combatants killing our own as well.

If we must assign blame, I blame too many of you, and me. There were so many people in the fall of 08 who told me that they were voting for Obama because they wanted to send the Republicans a message. In Hamilton County, IN, one of the most Republican counties in all of America, our Republican governor got 20% more votes than did McCain. WE THE PEOPLE did this. WE THE PEOPLE had a hissy fit, and now WE THE PEOPLE are paying the price as will our children and their children. I am not giving up, I believe WE THE PEOPLE have learned a valuable lesson, that ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. It will just take a couple generations to pay for these mistakes already due to the reckless spending we have seen in this last year. I guess we can call that an education by the school of hard knocks.

If however, we haven't learned our lesson, if we endorse and vote for ANY third party candidates this next few elections then we will get more of the same. It is more our blame than Obama and the Democrats, they told us before the election this is what they wanted to do, and were going to do. However, I kept hearing people tell me that Obama would not govern nearly as hard to the left as he was saying, that he was just stroking his base, but was too smart to actually govern as a Socialist. At the time I kept asking what in his history led them to believe that. Never did an answer come, Obama the candidate was magical, because he was whatever people wanted to believe he might be without proof or even evidence.

Now we are here, freedom failed tonight. The IRS is now our boss, they now have access to ALL of our bank accounts to monitor and determine if we are making payments on a health care policy that they approve of each month. They are also the police department to remedy with us if we are not doing as they wish and dictate.

Expect that now the Democrats will feel all powerful after tonight, it is highly likely that they will do as they said last week and shove Cap and Trade, Card Check and amend the Health bill by adding public option in the next few weeks. They are who they are, and are now free to be.

In November we need to make them pay, we need to fight this. I just pray for each of our sake, for our children's sake, and for the future of this nation, as well as for all those who came before who paid the price of our freedom, that we can win it back.

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