Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Going Rogue An American Life" review.

If you haven't read Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue, An American Life" book yet, I would suggest it. It is a very comfortable read, it is like reading about a friend, someone who is that person who is always keeping the plates spinning in their community. We all know this person, many of us are them. I have been on so many volunteer boards that are filled with people of the kind of individuals that Sarah Palin reminds me.

These are the people who are the busiest people in town, yet are the first ones to volunteer for things that need them. They are filling the positions of volunteer leadership in the Churches, Schools, and every imaginable social club and group that makes things happen in your town, or any town around the country. They are the backbone of America. My wife, who volunteered to be our daughter's Brownie leader 7 years ago when no one would step up, now is the District Chairperson for the entire school districts Girl Scout organization running 35 troops plus her own, always says to people who complain that most parents don't get involved, "Get used to it, it is always the same handful in any organization who take the responsibility to make it happen." These are the people who Sarah Palin reflects in her own life.

I have read some people who have complained that "Going Rogue" didn't lay out her plans for the future or what she would do if in power. That wasn't what this book was about. This book allowed Sarah to speak directly to the people and tell her story her way. She told who she was, is, and what she cares about. It was her story up to now, in her words, not spun by her enemies from either party or press.

If you read it, it would be hard for you not to like Sarah Palin the person if you agree or disagree with her politics. She is a good person, someone most of us would feel comfortable having in our sphere of acquaintances. Her next book will be the policy one, if you haven't heard she just signed to do another book. It will be the vision book, I look forward to reading it as well.

If you have questions about any of the myriad of claims made against her, I recommend reading her version of the story found here. It would give you the opportunity to decide for yourself which story makes more sense, hers or the medias.

Rather than going into it fully here, I can feel another blog coming on this, I find the similarities between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan to be a lot more than just their biographies carrying the "An American Life" as part of their titles. With the exception of one thing for each, everything that Sarah Palin's detractors have said about her, are exactly the same things they said about Ronald Reagan. It is as if they have a playbook on how to Alinsky an attractive conservative candidate. Going back before Alinsky was born, the irony is that what was said about both Reagan and Palin, was also said by even those in the cabinet of Abraham Lincoln. The only place different between them was Palin is put down for her "Barbie Doll looks," Reagan for his age, and Lincoln for his ugly clumsy lankiness. Maybe soon I will take the time to ferret out the quotes against each, it is amazing how similar they are.

When it comes to Palin, as with anyone, I like to look at who their enemies are. If they have the right enemies, they must be doing something right. It surely appears that Sarah Palin must be doing a lot right with the list of people who are against her.

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