Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What We All Need To Do Now.

It has come time to call myself out, and to call out my generation of baby boomers, on one of our greatest failures as a group. This particular personal failure is one that I personally might be considered the poster boy for. That is not being a joiner. I have spent my life not joining anything. I attended church, but never joined one. No club affiliation, never have ever signed up with the GOP, though active in campaigning for them. I have proudly held my status of someone who doesn't join anything.

The baby boomers are, for the most part, guilty of this throughout our generation. It is with the baby boomers where we have seen all types of organizations start dying off, Elks Clubs, VFWs, Lions, Masons, you name it, their numbers dwindled to near extinction over the last few decades as the older generations got old, and the baby boomers didn't join. Frankly, I was never very concerned about this until very recently as I have seen something very frightening happen due to it.

One of the organizations that has seen it's numbers evaporate has been the GOP party structure. Congressman Dan Burton tells his story of how he got his foot in the door politically by becoming the assistant, to the assistant to the Precinct Committeeman. Today nearly half of all our precincts do not even have a Committeeman at all. No one is there representing the GOP at all during the election, no one who is authorized to deal with the votes. By doing this we are allowing the Democrats to control the election process, and we have seen what that means with groups like ACORN who have filled the void for those missing baby boomers.

This phenomenon is what has opened the doors to the corruption we have seen over the last few elections, and that are the norm in some voting districts. If we want to change this, we are going to have to go against our long held habits and get involved as alien as that has been to us throughout our generation's lives.

There is good news, the younger generation is coming on and getting involved in things again. Frankly it is my son who has put me under conviction on this. I have to admit I always figured that there was going to be someone that would take care of this stuff, and I could just stay focused on raising my family, and growing my business. The problem was everyone else thought that as well.

We the People have awakened this summer at the Tea Parties, and Town Halls, now we need to go join the GOP and fill the volunteer slots, work the campaigns, and then WORK THE POLLS to be sure that we are represented, that there isn't Democrat only polls who can fill in votes after closing. That has been going on for decades. Just last year the Mayor of Gary, IN told Fox News on election night the reason they were so late turning in their votes were they were waiting to see how many they needed. To this Bob Beckel cracked up saying that Lake County, Indiana has always been known to be the last to turn in their votes because they want to know how many Democrat votes will be needed to try to carry the State, but he had never heard it admitted on television before. In the 7th District Congress special race in Indiana to fill Julia Carson's seat when she passed, there were 3 apartment complexes in the poorest section of town that had 100% of every unit in all of them vote absentee, and 100% voted for Andre Carson.

In the last election, my son Mike, who was the GOP Political Director for Hamilton County, IN, called me and asked if I would go to the polling place at the University High School in Carmel. He told me that they only had one volunteer there and he was just a young 20 something kid who looked 16. This kid was finding himself powerless to stop the 12 ACORN/Obama supporters who were telling those people standing in those 4 hour long lines to go home, that they wouldn't get in before six. They were also telling the voters in line that they were attorneys and if the voter would give them their names and addresses and how they wanted to vote they would do it for them.
I got there and stood between them and the voters and told them to stay behind the lines and I would. It got somewhat tense, but conflict is my favorite thing.

Governor Elect Christy in New Jersey said that he had attorneys sitting in EVERY polling place to watch to make sure that the voting was going to be handled legally and no ACORNing would be allowed. He was elected.

If we are going to take back our nation from the overt and audacious corruption that we have been dealing with, it will take us sitting in those polls. Call your local counties GOP head quarters and find out what they need you to do, if your precinct doesn't have a committeeman, run this primary. My son Mike ran unopposed last fall, and is now the first GOP Precinct Committeeman in his precinct in nearly a decade. The funniest thing is that he can car pool to the polls with the Democrat Precinct Committeeman, they live next door to each other.

Uncle Sam used to stand in his posters with his finger pointing saying We Want You!
We the People Need You! I am willing to change to save America, are you?

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