Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins! Now We Find Out For Sure Who We Are Fighting.

Congratulations patriots We Did It! Against unbelievable odds, Republican Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts Senate seat. The very seat that was held for over 46 years by Ted Kennedy, the Liberal Lion. That seat has been held by a Democrat for 100 years, the last time a Republican held the other Massachusetts Senate seat was nearly forty years ago. This is the bluest of blue states, yet a Republican is now Senate elect.

Brown was over 20 points down in the polls one month ago today. However, his campaign caught fire all across the country. They did a "money bomb" one day fundraiser that brought in over one million dollars from the grass roots to Brown in just one day!

There couldn't be a single Democrat across the country in either the House or Senate who has to run in 2010 who isn't terrified right now. We will likely start seeing more and more "retire" before this coming election. Any who want to save their jobs will have to seriously consider if they will be willing to walk the plank by continuing to vote for Obama's agenda on Health Care, Cap and Trade, and other big government take overs.

We will soon find out who exactly we are up against with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid and their core team. If we are dealing with politics as we have since the founding, we will see them back off on their unpopular programs they have been trying to ram down the American people's throats. Good politics would tell you that they will realize that they over reached, they misread their mandate, and they need to move to a more central position to protect their own careers and their party's future. If that happens then We the People have already won a huge victory, won a major battle, and have great momentum to win the war during these next two elections in 2010 and 2012.

There is another much more frightening option. We may well learn that we are now fighting against a different type of political regime than at any time in American history. We could be fighting against Marxists Progressives who are totally committed to making fundamental changes to America, dismantaling our Constitution and system of government and economy. If we see the Saul Alinsky aproach to this in the next few weeks where Obama, Reid, and Pelosi go behind closed doors with the other Democrats and force their hands to make Health Care go through as is, or with Reconcillation with 51% in the Senate something that has never been done and isn't Constitutional for anything but an emergency budget bill.

If they do push their agenda forward, spitting in the face of the American people's obvious will, we know they no longer fear or care about reelection. If that is true, they don't care about their own party either. They would show that they are willing to destroy their party maybe forever if they can push their Marxist agenda into place and doing so with that poison pill that is in it now that once in it will take a 3/4 vote of the Senate to overturn it.

In the next few days or weeks we will know if we are competing with Democrats, I hope so. Or we are competing against Marxist Totalitarians. Pray it is the first. Stay vigilulant to be sure it isn't the last.

We have won a HUGE battle, a game changer if we are dealing with Democrats. If not, it will smoke out who our real competition truly is. Either way we will prevail.

Never get weary in well doing!

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