Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brown vs Coakley A Earthquake Is Coming

One of my favorite sayings is "Coincidence is when God chooses to stay anonymous." We are very likely witnessing one of those times right now. On January 19th the special election for the Senate seat from Massachusetts long held by Ted Kennedy is taking place. This is a very key election for many reasons, and could send shock waves throughout America, and maybe the world.

The contestants are Scott Brown running as a fiscal conservative Republican against Democrat Martha Coakley. Coakley has a questionable past as Attorney General when she prosecuted and imprisoned an entire family who owned and operated a child care facility without any evidence against them, they were later exonerated, but the case build her name to help her win that AG position. Coakley has long and very close ties with ACORN as well, so we can be sure that she will receive a great deal of help on election day from them. Brown has gone from nearly a thirty point deficit to a one point lead in the polls this week.

If Scott Brown wins this Senate seat he would be the deciding vote to stop Government Health Care, the irony of that vote coming from the very seat that long held Ted Kennedy is priceless. Harry Reid has claimed that if Brown wins on the 19th he would hold up Brown's swearing in until after the final Health Care vote. As sleazy as that would be it might not make any difference.

Can you imagine who Senators from less liberal states than Massachusetts would react in their own votes in they saw a fiscal conservative Republican take the Kennedy seat? Keep in mind that we are talking about Massachusetts that as long as you are off the charts liberal you can get away with murder...Ted Kennedy, child rape...Gerry Studds, or beyond banking scandals - twice having his boy friend caught running a male prostitution ring out of the Congressman's own home....Barney Franks. If this state votes in a fiscal conservative Republican that will send shock waves throughout the Democrat party. They will know that they are soon to pay the piper for their over the top over reaching leftist grab this year.

This is a no lose situation for We The People, and the GOP. If this race is even close it should scare the Democrats, if Brown wins it will terrify them, and if he is sworn in it will kill Socialized Health Care for years.

If you haven't done so, let's get the word out to everyone you know how to help Brown in this race.

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