Monday, January 4, 2010

Obama's Christmas Suprise

During the Christmas Holiday season while families were enjoying their traditions and basking in the warmth of the spirit of the season. While those who are politically active on the left and right were locked in the debate on National Health Care, President Obama blindsided all of us with the biggest sea change in policy in American history. Nothing has ever compared to it, it truly changes everything. This is a bigger afront to your freedom and liberty than was John Adam's Alien and Sedition Act that was quickly repealed, or Lincoln's temporary and limited removal of Habeas Corpus along the rail system between Phildelphia and Washington targeting specifically Maryland due to the Civil War, or FDR detainment camps for Japanese Americans. As wrong as all of those may have been, they were for short times, and only effected a small part of American population with each. This is an attack on EVERY American's rights.

On December 16th, 2009 President Obama signed Executive Order 12425 granting full Diplomatic Immunity to Interpol, and international police agency with a very checkered past. Even if they had been an organization of angels this is something of great concern, by signing this order Obama Surrenders U.S. Sovereignty. We as Americans no longer have any civil rights.

You no longer have the rights of innocent until proven guilty, you no longer have the right of Habeas Corpus. or the right to a trail in front of a jury of your piers, speedy trail, nothing. With full diplomatic immunity this agency can detain and question you for any reason, hold you without filing charges, detain you indefinitely, seize anything you may have, question you without a lawyer, they could torture, or kill you and your family and no one would have any recourse to stop them. Why on earth would President Obama grant such authority to anyone, most so for an international agency.

With this not only could any foreign power who is part of the Interpol agency could enact a vendetta against any American, or American company, or organization with no recourse to worry about. It could also be used by the political power of the administration who could "call in a favor" with Interpol to go after their politcal enemies. Since the Obama Administration has already admitted that they monitor Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, and others social networking sites for comments adverse to this administration and their policies, as well as monitoring blogs for the same Orwellian purposes, who is to say that I am not putting my life and those of my family in jeapordy for writing this? However, evil florishes when good men do nothing.

For those who support and trust President Obama and those currently in power. If you look at the polls and read the "tea" leaves of the mood of the American people, it looks likely that the House, Senate, and White House will most likely be turned over the most conservative representatives in history by no later than 2012. Now, if you love Obama and his administration and are comfortable with him having this type of power, how will you feel in 2013 if someone to the right of Dick Cheney sits in the Oval Office. You have to consider what power your guys have, will soon be in other hands. That is why our Founders wanted to keep power limited in D.C.

Who is Interpol?

From their own website;

"INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 188 member countries. Created in 1923, it facilitates cross-border police co-operation, and supports and assists all organizations, authorities and services whose mission is to prevent or combat international crime."

And from their site on new developments in 2009;

2009 - A milestone year for INTERPOL

"30 December 2009

"The unprecedented INTERPOL-United Nations Ministerial meeting which saw more than 60 ministers backing a plan to bring the enhanced role of police in peacekeeping and peacebuilding operations to the forefront of the international security agenda, the official opening of INTERPOL’s Office of its Special Representative to the European Union and the new INTERPOL Regional Bureau in Yaoundé were just some of the key events for the world’s largest police organization in 2009.

The year also saw the launch of the first-ever INTERPOL passport, and the organization further strengthening its commitment to supporting each of its 188 member countries in combating all forms of transnational crime with INTERPOL’s databases, tools and services now reaching more law enforcement officers in more locations than at any time in its history."

Here is an excellent article on this topic for your further review.

I ask that if you are equally concerned about your and your families freedom, that you forward this to others. Most have no idea what just happened. If you are an Obama supporter, please let me know what you think about this.

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