Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who Knows Who You May Inspire.

As you go through life it makes sense to treat people well, you never know who you may impact and the importance that it can make in their lives. There is an old quote that I can't find the author, that says, "Be Nice To People on Your Way Up You Always Meet Them On Your Way Down." If for no other reason that makes a lot of sense.

You can impact people in ways that you would never have guessed, and often may never find out. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was for the good. Every so often God smacks me upside the head to remind me. Once when going to the bank I met one of my old high school teachers. She was the study hall teacher, her days were filled with yelling at kids who seemed to find new ways daily to drive her to distraction. I learned early on how to play her so that could get away with anything and write my own rules in that class. When we met in front of that bank, I was ten years out of school and she long retired. She spoke of how much I meant to her, that I was the only one who was nice to her. I was so ashamed that my motives were anything but pure in my manipulations of this lonely woman who saw her only friendly face one who was using her, it broke my heart for her. I got the message.

There have been other lessons good and bad to keep reminding me of the impact we all have on others. Surely you have as well. Who knows something you do today could inspire someone else who you have never met that might one day save your life.

In 1939 a movie was released called "Code of the Secret Service." It was about a Secret Service Agent named Brass Bancroft, it wasn't a big hit, even the actor said it was one of his worst films he ever made. But it proved to be a very important one.

Why? Because the movie capture the imagination of a ten year old boy in Miami, Florida, Jerry Parr. Jerry said "I made my dad take me to that movie quite a few times." This little boy vowed when he grew up that he would be a Secret Service agent, and he did.

Fast forward forty-two years to March 30th, 1981, Secret Service agent Jerry Parr was part of the detail guarding President Reagan when John Hinkley tried to assassinate Reagan. It was Parr who jumped in front of the hail of bullets to tackle Reagan and push him into the limo, that sped off toward the White House. It was Parr who saw Reagan coughing up blood, and made the decision to rush him to the hospital. Neither knew that a ricocheting bullet had entered into Reagan's chest, causing massive internal bleeding.

Parr's decision to seek immediate medical care saved Reagan's life. Brass Bancroft would have been proud, I am sure that the actor Ronald Reagan was happy he had inspired Parr to join the Secret Service.

Reagan, ever the man who could deliver a great line, even with losing half of the blood in his body gave a couple great quips. He told the doctor about to do surgery, "I hope you're a Republican." To his wife Nancy to set her at ease, "Honey, I forgot to duck."

So treat people well, you know never know.

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