Monday, July 19, 2010

There Are Three Ways The Democrats Can Win This Fall.

In just 106 days We The People will be going to the polls to express our thoughts and beliefs through our right to vote in our free Republic. This right was bought for us by the blood of those who have gone before us, giving us the opportunity to choose our own leaders and the direction of our government.

In just over three months, all polls and conventional wisdom, predict a sea-change in ideology as We The People pull the reins of power away from the one party rule under the Progressive Democrats where President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the Democrats have greatly overreached in their power grabs. They have shoved sweeping nation changing bills through without letting the American people know what was in them, not even allowing the opposition party Republicans a seat at the table for so much as a discussion. They have even shut their own party members out with a basically just shut up and vote if you know what is good for you style.

The American people are more energized going into this election that I have ever seen, more so than the Jimmy Carter years, more so than 1994, it looks like a political tsunami is on the horizon.

There are three ways that the Democrats will be able to stay in power after this election. Please do not take them lightly, none of these ideas are completely impossible, and frankly are likely, the question is how much and can it be overcome?

1. The Democrats could steal the election through massive voter fraud.

2. The Democrats could remain in control by completing a tyrannical move of suspending all elections due to the "crisis du jour."

3. The Conservatives could self-destruct by splitting their votes with any number of possible third party candidates giving the Democrats the victory by us playing Russian Roulette with a full clip.

Do you believe that Obama and the Democrats can steal the election? If you don't you might not have been paying attention to how it is done.

How Do the Democrats Steal an Election?

What we are seeing is the transplantation of Cook County, IL, Chicago politics to communities throughout the nation who have never before seen the level of fraud and intimidation that can be generated by thousands of unethical Democrats, including private citizens, local, state, and federal officials, and politicians, convinced that breaking the law is okay as long as the “right” candidate wins.

Read what a Chicago political machine insider, Lee Cary, said in a July 6th interview with American Thinker magazine article.

“In Chicago, the Precinct Captains watch to see who votes and who doesn’t. Then, at the end of the day, others will cast votes for those who haven’t shown up to vote, all under the direction of the Precinct Captain. If the actual voter shows up later, they’re given someone else’s card. The Republican poll watchers don’t stop this. Hell, most of them are actually Democrats.”

This is the Democrat Voter Fraud Game plan:

1.ACORN registers the names, legitimate or not.
2.Black Panther, SEIU and other “community organizer” groups intimidate people, especially minorities, from voting Republican.
3.Voter lists remain unscrubbed of felons, dead people, and illegal immigrants.
4.On Election Day, precinct workers submit any unused ballots for Democrat candidates.
5.Democrat officials and politicians pretend like nothing happened.
It’s as easy as that to steal an election.

My son was the GOP Political Director for one of the most Conservative Republican Counties in America, Hamilton County, IN in 2008. He called me around ten in the morning on election day asking if I could go to the polling location at University High School where there were lines four hours long. These people in these lines, mostly moms were being told by eleven ACORN workers to just go home and meet the kids bus, that there was no way they would get in to vote in time. The ACORN group were telling the women that they were attorneys, and if the moms would just give them their names and addresses that these attorneys would vote for them.

Why would ACORN and the Obama campaign focus on one of the most conservative areas? Because in Indiana Hamilton County has 25% of all the GOP voters for the entire state. Any GOP candidate has to win Hamilton County big to overcome the votes in Lake and Marion County to win a state wide vote.

Do you remember that on election night the big question was will Indiana go for Obama, the first Democrat since LBJ to win Indiana? The wait was for the vote count in Lake County and Gary, Indiana. When the media interviewed the Mayor of Gary, he said that the vote wouldn't be in until they knew how many were needed. This comment caused Bob Beckel, long time Democrat operative to throw his head back and laugh, "Lake County, IN, has never turned in their votes until they know how many votes the Democrat needs." On this same election in Indiana's 7th District, there were 3 apartment complexes that had 100% absentee ballot voting with every single apartment voting, and every single one voting for Andre Carson.

What can we do? What do we need to do?

We will need an army of Republican Poll Watchers this November. You say you want to make a difference, this is the best place to start.

The voter fraud stories so far are just the tip of a very large iceberg. No one really knows the full extent of the problem and the Democratic Party is counting on Americans to shrug it off as just another conservative conspiracy theory.

The dropping of voter intimidation charges by Department of Justice political appointees against billy club wielding Black Panthers sends the message to the Democrat community that mass voter fraud can continue without fear of legal reprisal. Keep in mind, there was an internal memo to all of the Justice Dept. that there would be no prosecution of anyone of color who was accused of voter intimidation.

While the problem may be substantial, there is one way Republicans can fight back: Keep a close eye on voting locations. Election fraud only works if citizens remain ignorant to the problem and unwilling to become involved in the voting process. I will tell you that I was able to back the eleven ACORN operatives down and force them to stay behind the line required on election day. Frankly I was sent by my son because I don't shrink from confrontation and can take care of myself if things get rough. We need those who will be willing to watch, willing to raise their voices, and at least one per location who can protect those who do.

This is maybe the most important election in our Republic's history. We need You to volunteer not only to vote, but to stand in the gap to be a poll watcher, to watch for corruption, especially in traditional Democrat precincts.

We can win, but "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (and women) do nothing"

America Needs You!!


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