Sunday, July 11, 2010

Freud Psychoanalyzed Woodrow Wilson.

If you haven't been living under a rock recently you have heard more and more comparisons of Obama and his presidency to that of Woodrow Wilson. A president who we learned little about in school turns out to have been a wild eyed progressive who tried to tear down the walls of United States Sovereignty and replace it with a global government starting with the League of Nations. His presidency was full of government over reach, stripping of our Constitution, arrests and illegal detainment of political opponents, an embrace of eugenics, and the seeming belief that he was doing "God's work" and it needed to get through no matter what the American people wanted.

What you may never have heard was that Sigmund Freud wrote a book where he psychoanalyzed Woodrow Wilson. Obviously Freud never had Wilson on his couch, but he was so fascinated by Wilson that he coauthored a book where he applied the tools of his psychoanalysis to the president.

Even though Wilson was already dead, but Freud considered his book to be so controversial that he didn't want to release it until after Wilson's wife had died as well. The book wasn't published until 1966, twenty five years after Feud himself had died.

Feud diagnosed President Wilson as suffering from severe personality defects. Freud saw in Wilson a neurotic who was dominated by his father, overprotected by his mother, and who lacked the masculine will to carry out his policies. Freud also thought Wilson suffered from a savior complex and needed to be worshipped to satisfy the demands of his superego. Freud also described Wilson's most trusted advisor, Colonel Edward House, as the president's chief love object.

Keeping in mind that this analysis was truly Freudian, it is very interesting to see how easily that this same analysis could be used to describe our current manifestation of Wilson in Obama.

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