Sunday, May 29, 2016

What Is At Stake In November

The 2016 election is likely the single most important election since 1860 to the direction of These United States.
Two roads diverged in this race and we must take the one less traveled if we want to truly make a difference.
We have the patron saint of the establishment crony political class against someone who has never been a politician before. There are many who want to paint Trump as "the same" as Hillary due to him knowing how to navigate his business through the political elites pay to play system. But in business you must adapt to the playing field and adjust to it as it changes or you won't have a business to navigate. To me this just means he knows how the system is corrupt and it's has cost him millions to negotiate through it, who better to ferret out the mess than someone who knows it from the outside not making wealth from the inside.

This is the bottom-line. If Hillary is elected she has promised in her first 100 days to give all 20 million illegal immigrants full legal citizenship status as well as all their families not yet here effectively adding 20-50 million New Democrat voters. She has promised to double down on the Dodd-Frank and CFPB. She has promised to double down on Obamacare. She has promised to do away with the 2nd Amendment. Donald Trump has promised the exact opposite of each.

Donald Trump has released the names of eleven possible Supreme Court Justices to replace Scalia who were all recommended by The Heritage Foundation and are a wish list of Constitutional Conservatives and pro-life believers.
Hillary would appoint more of the caliber that Obama has. The next president will likely appoint 4-5 justices. If they are in that eleven we will all be rejoicing, if they are Hillary's the Constitution will be no more.

With Hillary's 20-50 million more dependent voters there will never be another Republican or conservative ever elected president again. There will never be a Constitution again, there will never be an opportunity to roll back or end abortion. If any of those things mean anything to you, then you have to pray that Donald Trump is the next president or really nothing else matters. For me, I'm fighting to save this Free Constitutional Republic by working to elect Donald Trump, then plan to use equal vigor to hold his feet to the fire to do as he has said.
If Hillary wins, my thirty seven year fight for conservative political movement will come to an end because it's over, we can never even hope to win again in the lifetimes of anyone currently breathing. I will do what I can to protect my family as best as I can in what will become The People's Republic of America.

We have one last chance. Please put down our differences and save this nation. If you have emotional issues against Trump then do as I did with Dole, McCain and Romney and hold your nose and vote against Hillary. You, your family and your county are depending upon it.

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