Thursday, May 26, 2016

No Matter Your Favorite We Are Watching History

When this election season began I was 100% for Scott Walker, and had been since 2012. My second choice was Bobby Jindal. For me the only intelligent choices would be someone with solid successful experience at a "C" level position either in business or with governorships. That meant that Walker, Jindal, Fiorina, Trump, Christy, Bush, Kasich were the ONLY ones qualified regardless of ideology and politics. While I align closer to Ted Cruz than any in belief systems and would vote for him over any of them as a Senator, I see him wholly unqualified and ill equipped for President at this time in his life. The same goes for Marco Rubio. They have never shown any evidence of having the required leadership skills to be President.

As to Trump, the day he threw his hat into the ring I knew, if he was serious, no one could beat him in either party due to our society's celebrity culture. He has a 98% name recognition and mostly positive in that he's a tough smart rich guy who fires people, and everyone hates politicians especially now. Further when you add that the results of a study done in 2006 where one of the questions was "Name Your State's Governor," and only 9% on average by state could do so.

I wasn't sure what I thought of Trump as president. But as I watched him being attacked financially by having one deal after another cancelled due to his involvement thus costing him hundreds of millions to his bottom-line and yet he didn't blink. I've never seen this before in my lifetime. Every other time any politician was attacked financially they bailed.

Was I actually seeing for the first time or at most the second time in my life someone who was actually following the model our founders had imagined? They never imagined career politicians who would go into politics for life as a career and to make their wealth. They envisioned that men would go into business, become wealthy, and then in the later part of their lives go do as a public service by bringing their expertise to elected position for a period without needing to be reelected to feed their families. We saw this with Reagan who made his wealth in Hollywood who late in life gave 8 years to his state and then 8 more to the nation.

If you look at our founders they more resembled Reagan and Trump than any other candidate. Washington was the wealthiest man in America. He was not always with the best cash-flow but was hugely wealthy in land. He also was the largest whisky distiller in America producing 11,000 gallons a year, one of the largest commercial fishing operations and an innovative agriculture enterprise. In fact his land speculation company was one of the main reasons that drove him to war when the King took away his company's claims to millions of acres of land he held in the Ohio territories. He was also upset with the usury charges that the English banks and merchants charged to the colonies with the blessings of the King.

John Hancock who was the wealthiest man in Massachusetts in the shipping business. He was a Tory because he had business relations where he paid off the King's men to look the other way on what came and went on his ships. Then when the King cracked down and cost him business and money he started moving away from the English, but when they took over Hancock's home to use as the English General's home and base of operations it was the final straw.

We are seeing a peaceful revolution and a one time ever chance of the people taking power back from the back room deals of the establishment political elites who are in collusion no matter what label they carry.

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