Friday, February 4, 2011

Which Door Will Be Opened?

Watching the domino effect in the Middle East playing out in Egypt, and now all across the Middle East. We are seeing people going to the streets demanding change in nation after nation all throughout the Middle East. Egypt, Jordan, Yemen,Tunisia, and others are in turmoil. No matter what the outcome, we are going to see a sea change in the most volatile area of the world. What emerges is yet to be seen.

The irony is that what we are seeing is part of the goal that we hoped for to result from the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once freedom and free elections for self-determination was allowed to sprout in the middle of an Arab Muslim nation. the hope was that the people of surrounding nations would want that freedom for themselves. With the youth of the region, and their use of social networking and seeing the outside world with the Internet it was assured to build that dream in their hearts.

We first saw it in Iran, and unfortunately the Obama Administration came down on the wrong side. They chose to stay with the Totalitarian Theocratic Dictators over the freedom fighters. Now we see Egypt and others rise up to throw off their own Dictators and Monarchies. This could be the dream come true for a free and self-determining Middle East making the world safer for everyone. However, it could also become much worse depending on who comes out on top.

If those young people who want freedom for themselves and families come out in power, the entire world wins. However, if the Communist Party groups that are organized and trying to usurp this movement for themselves the world is worse off, and those who fought in the streets are out of the frying pan into the fire. Worse yet, if the Muslim Brotherhood takes power we now have more Iran's to deal with. That would probably lead to World War III starting with Israel and eventually the world as a whole.

Frankly the most upsetting part of this story is that when the goal was put in place George W. Bush was president, and with him in leadership, there was a high level of confidence that these nations would move to freedom. Today we have Obama, and he has shown us repeatedly that he always comes down on the wrong side of any issue. Never in America's best interest, or in the best interest of freedom or liberty.

The question that remains to be answered is who is driving this revolt. Is it those who dream of freedom who were inspired by seeing the freedom and liberty planted and growing next door to them, or the radicals who see an opportunity with a weak American president? We shall soon see.

We are standing looking at three doors, one opens to freedom and light, one to a gray and cold uncaring place, and the last to a hungry lion who wants to devour you if you open that door. We will soon see which door is opened.

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