Monday, February 21, 2011

Are We In For A Long Hot Summer?

Everywhere you look today there is civil unrest. It is epidemic in the Middle East with governments falling leaving voids to be filled by who we know not. Protests are finding their way to the State Houses of Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio, with more coming soon. Will we be seeing a Watts Riot environment this year spreading all across the United States of America?

We are seeing the line drawn in the sand where Obama, the Union bought and paid for president, pushed his Socialist agenda too hard, and too fast on the American people creating a back lash with the people saying enough is enough.

So here we are, the American people elected a conservative majority not only in the U.S. House, but the Governor mansions, and State Houses and Senates all across America with the demand to get control on run away spending. The Unions, and their paid for pocket pet, Barack Obama are going to fight to the death to protect their ground. For the first time in American history, the President of The United States is recruiting protesters to go to fight against curtailing the unrestrained spending on unions. His Organizing for America political machine is using his website to recruit, and paying for advertising on Craigslist asking activists to go and Bloody the Tea Partiers there. Actually asking for violence to be done. Old time Union thug tactics.

The lines are drawn, it is all or nothing this year. It is, will America survive as a Constitutional Republic, or will the Unions and Obama succeed in destroying the rule of law and creating a Marxist State where only those in "The Party" have the rights, and the spoils.

I am very concerned that this will become bloody, that people will be hurt and or killed in this struggle. When the President is asking for his followers to bloody those who don't agree with him, we are seeing Stalinist, Castroish, Maoists behavior not American presidential leadership.

In 1965 Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles broke out in a six day riot, costing lives, and treasure. In 1992 Los Angeles broke out in another six day riot where 53 people died, thousands were injured, and with more than one billion dollars of damages.

My fear is that if this breaks out all across America spurred on by Obama and the SEIU, the mayhem, death, and destruction will be the worst we have ever seen. Could this be the plan Obama wants, to give him the ability to declare Martial Law and end all of our Bill of Rights and allow him to rule without any restrictions?


  1. Yep, everything is Obama's fault. That's both logical and reasonable, not to mention original. Do you ever watch anything other than the Fox network's completely unbiased news channel?

  2. Of course it isn't all Obama's fault. Reid, Pelosi, and Hilary Clinton haven't helped.

    As to the tensions in America today, they do fall at Obama's feet. He is the Community Aggitator in Chief using every divisive thing he can to drive wedges between American. Where were the protests from conservatives ANY time in history since 1774-76 until 2009?