Thursday, November 18, 2010

Presidential Hopefuls 2012

Bang, the race begins! The race for president in 2012 is in full gear, there are more "reasons" to be in Iowa now than most can imagine. If you are a civic or charitable organization in Iowa you can get big name speakers just for the asking, maybe with them asking you to have them.

Like sharks who smell blood in the water, there are going to be at least a dozen big name Republicans getting in line to run against Obama in 2012. There likely will even be Democrats to challenge him in the primary, Hillary for one. The very laws of nature cause challenges to the leaders of the herd when they are injured and weak. It is hard to imagine a more injured and weak president, almost all at his own making.

Republican are licking their chops, with the massive win in the last election, most importantly at the State levels with new GOP governors and statehouses. These new GOP controlled state level power structures will be responsible to redraw the U.S. Congressional District lines. Whoever is in power in 2011 will be able to draw those lines to hold power for at least a decade. Those new governors will make Obama winning in those states very difficult indeed.

With the likelihood of a brand new president starting in 2013, there are some things I want and don't want in that individual. We as a nation are in the worst economic situation we have been in since the Great Depression, and the policies that Obama has used will make things much much worse if they are allowed to stand without total repeal. We can't afford another on the job training situation.

There are many who might run this time that I love their ideology, I am a huge fan of them as people, and as politicians, but I don't want them to run for, or be the next president. Maybe somewhere down the road, not now.

Let's not vote for ANYONE who is in Congress or the Senate for president in 2012. I know that eliminates those like Mike Pence, Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint and others. Let's not vote for anyone who has not run a business or state government, we need a hard nosed CEO type who can handle the financial burdens that our nation is facing. We cannot afford anyone who has never had any experience as a Chief Executive with a large organization and huge budget.

Let's look at this election as if WE THE PEOPLE were the human resource dept of the largest economy on the planet who must look at the resume of, and interview the candidates to find the most skilled, and best choice to hire to direct our ship of state and economy. Personally, I would love to see Mitch Daniels, current Governor of Indiana. He is uniquely qualified to clean up his mess. There are others, but few who share his particular skill set.

The biggest challenge with Daniels is that he doesn't want the job, and further his wife REALLY doesn't want it, she hates the life of a politician's spouse. That could be a massive liability for him. However, the very fact that he doesn't want the job, might be the biggest endorsement for him to have it. It has been said that the very fact that someone wants to be president disqualifies them as good candidates.

Whoever we end up voting for, please look at it as if you are interviewing to hire your companies new CEO. Someone you can trust to steward your companies fortunes. It is hard to believe that everyone doesn't understand that is exactly what we are doing every election.

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