Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Party of Purpose!

The 2010 Indiana Republican State Convention took place this weekend, and from what I saw it bodes well for Indiana, America, and our Republic. There is an excellent slate of candidates and a good deal of excitement, especially for a convention that there were no races to decide.

On Friday night in the caucus meetings from what I have heard, they were like the one I attended for the 5th District where about 75% of the delegates were there for the very first time. A lot of new blood, a lot of new enthusiasm have stepped up to the plate to take personal responsibility for maybe the very first time in the political arena. They're there out of a passion for their country, and for their Constitution that they are seeing under such attack.

The candidates look good, no one has more risen through the ranks than Charlie White from the town board to candidate for Secretary of State. He is running to replace Todd Rokita, who has been an excellent Secretary of State during his two terms, and is now running for Congress in the 4th to replace retiring Steven Buyer.

There seems a very good chance that we will see a VERY conservative Republican Congressional team in D.C. next year. Jackie Walorski shook the house this weekend, and is surely shaking up the polls in the 2nd. Marlin Stutzman is parlaying his new statewide recognition and tea party favorite son status in the 3rd, and Todd Young is looking very strong in the 9th. Marvin Scott in the 7th, Larry Buschon in the 8th, and Mark Leyra in the 1st all have tough races in strong democrat districts, but hopefully at least one of them can pick off a seat as well. It will be awesome sending at least four new conservative voices to team up with our two conservative stars in Dan Burton and one of the GOP's fastest rising stars Mike Pence.

Dan Coats is running very strong against Ellsworth, and all he should have to do is keep reminding the Hoosier voters that Ellsworth voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker twice.

The Indiana House race is very important, we have a good shot to take back the House, it will be tough the way that the districts have been gerrymandered, but it is doable. It is critical because the redistricting will take place in 2011 and we sure don't want Pat Bauer in charge.

There are some real conservative stars right here in Indiana. Of course the aforementioned Mike Pence, but also another potential presidential candidate in our Man Mitch Daniels. Governor Daniels speech knocked it out of the park this afternoon. He is one of less than a handful of people I have seen across the country who I believe could actually repair the damage that Obama/Reid/and Pelosi have caused. Another rising star is Tony Bennett, I easily see him as our future Governor soon. His no nonsense approach would be a perfect follow up when Mitch's term ends.

The big surprise for me this weekend was Richard Mourdock our State Treasurer. I really hadn't paid much attention to him, or his position. I remember him standing up to Obama on the White House's theft of the pension plans investments into Chrysler, but that was about all I knew about him. First of all his speeches last night in the Caucus and then today were two of the more substantive ones given all weekend. The more I learned about who this man is, what he stands for, and who he is willing to stand up against on principle and for the people of Indiana, I became a big fan. I don't know if I have ever paid any attention to who was the State Treasurer before, but I will keep my eye on this guy. I was able to speak with him at the Dan Coats party at the Columbia Club later, he mentioned that he should write a book about the Chrysler story. I hope he does, my order will go in immediately.

One of my personal passions this year is to hope to bring those newly politically active people who have been participating in the tea parties to understand that we need them in the Republican Party, and they they need the Republican Party if the tea partier's hope to capitalize on the energy that those parties have generated. My fear is that they will be misled into a third party of some sort either a brand new one or one of the old ones, either way at best it makes their vote meaningless, and worst it could be the deciding factor by splitting the anti-Obama vote to keep he and his stooges in power.

I was very excited to meet Greg Fettig of the Hoosier Patriots organization who is very deep into the tea parties here in Indiana. It was very exciting to hear him tell me that he was totally committed to helping the GOP candidates win. Today he was the one on stage to endorse the Party platform, he held up the GOP flag and the Gadsden Flag together and waved them as one saying "Together we will ride into victory, separate we will fall into defeat." No sweeter and truer words were spoken.

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