Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama The Unprecedented.

The favorite word of the Obama Administration has been unprecedented. They have used it every opportunity that they could, be it a presidential first or not. However, I have to admit that I too often have used the word unprecedented to describe activities and actions, or in-actions by Obama as well. Mine though are all due to watching the destructive activities and actions that are coming out of the White House during the last eighteen months.

The story of the oil spill and the White House's long inaction, and now bizarre handling of it, truly is an unprecedented disaster. It begs the question what are they thinking. It would seem that there are only two possible answers to what is happening at the White House, neither are good.

One possibility that could have driven the reaction from Obama and the White House is simply gross incompetence. This administration is unprecedented in how few people there have ever worked in the private sector. Only 8% of the over 400 people who work in the White House have ever worked in a real job in the private sector. None of the top "leaders" have ever held an executive position anywhere at any time until they took office. There lack of executive and managerial experience is as obvious as their deep disdain of the private sector. There first reaction is to demonize and punish the business people and the investors, do they not know that those investors are mostly regular people who have their 401ks and IRAs tied up in mutual funds?

The other possibility is more unthinkable, and unprecedented in American history, that being the decision by the Obama Administration that it is their best interest to make as much political hay by not wasting a good crisis, as Rahm Emanuel has often promoted. This administration, led by, and full of followers of Saul Alinsky, trained in community organizing, first thought is always to villainize business people, lionize the government bureaucracy, and play Robin Hood stealing from those who invest in the private market and redistribute that wealth to the Administration's friends in the unions.

Is that why they have sent the 13 nations, and dozens of local business people who have offered to clean up the spill? Are they truly not allowing a crisis to go to waste? Are they allowing it to keep flowing so that they can use it as an excuse to shut down all of America's oil business? Or nationalize it along with the cars, insurance, and banks? Are they allowing it to continue to allow them to push the largest tax increase in world history on the American people with Cap and Trade? Are they allowing it to continue for purely political reasons? Isn't it unprecedented to have an administration that such a claim against them sound reasonable?

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