Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mike Murphy Thinks You Are Stupid.

The commercial campaign that Mike Murphy is running as a candidate for the 5th Congressional District are the very worst example of misleading and slanderous attack adds by any politician. I am personally ashamed of him being in the Republican Party with his campaign. If he had any sense of decency he would be equally shamed by having his name attached to them.

It is obvious that Mike Murphy and his campaign staff believe that you, the voters of the 5th Congressional District in Indiana are too stupid to not be fooled my his nonsensical assertions.

The commercials try to blame Congressman Burton for run away government spending. He actually says that "as a leader in big spending Congress Dan Burton has given us staggering deficits, massive unemployment, and uncertain future."

He's kidding right? Murphy is trying to say that Burton voted for any of this, instead of leading the fight against it, so does that mean that Mike Pence is also part of the big spending problem in Washington? Was Reagan? This is pure nonsense aimed at what he must believe are truly stupid voters. I am infuriated how Murphy is showing his disrespect for the voters of Indiana. He is acting like a Congressman, he is acting like those Democrat Congressmen who have no problem lying to their constituents assuming they are ignorant to know the difference.

Mike Murphy, if you want to run a campaign against Dan Burton, one of the most consistent strong conservative leaders in all of D.C., why don't you take the hundreds of votes that Dan Burton has made in the last year and a half and tell us how you would have voted differently in any one of them? That would be of value to your voters it would show them where you would actually make a difference, if you would. If you had voted the same as Dan Burton did in each of those votes, and if you are truly a conservative, you would have, would that mean that you would have been to blame that you were out voted by more democrats?

Ronald Reagan gave us the 11th Commandment, "Thou Shall Speak No Ill of Other Republicans." Not only have you smashed that one, you are simply lying to the people, while that is a very Democrat thing to do, it shouldn't be accepted by any Republican.


  1. You can't be respected if you sell your soul and are blindly loyal. Jim, you have obviously become blindly loyal, and whether it is politics or life in general, you must maintain perspective and objectivity. You have lost that, Jim, and for the decency of democracy, find it, Jim.

  2. Sarah,
    I am not sure what you are talking about. I am not blind to anything, there simply is no reason to make a change in the 5th this year. Burton said before running that he would only run one more time. We are in far too serious time in our history today to trade a proven war horse for a rookie without making any gain in conservative votes. I made it clear early on when Luke, Mike, John, and Brose threw their hats in the ring that I would look at whom I would support in 2012 by their actions during this race. There is no chance that any of them can possibly win in May, with 4 candidates splitting the anti-incumbent or anti-Burton votes will make this one of the easiest primary victory for any incumbent in history.
    The only reason that I have engaged Mike Murphy on this was his unwarranted and misleading, you could say dishonest commercial campaign against Dan Burton. I don't like lying politicians no matter if they are Democrats or Republicans. To compound that Murphy is lying about one of our own, a Republican, and most importantly one of the single most conservative in the House. Who are we fighting anyway, are we serious about trying to take back the House from the Progressives or just to stroke his own ego by trying to get in himself to get all the benefits that the office can bring. It is unseemly and makes anyone paying any attention question Murphy's motives and integrity.
    To once again disprove your charge of blindness, just this week I made a post on Luke Messer's page congratulating him for his commercial campaign and his keeping it focused on Luke's positives and not attacking anyone. Luke and I have had several conversations and as I have told Brose, we agree with more than we disagree, but I disagree with their timing on this race. Save this fight and money for 2012.
    Your comment makes me wonder who of the two of us is following blindly, it most surely isn't I.