Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Want To Be Obama

There is no job on earth that has to be more stressful than is that of President of the United States. We have, for generations, watched men go in their first day fresh and vibrant, and watch them age beyond their years during their tenure. It is hard to imagine the overwhelming weight thrust upon your shoulders as you become responsible for running such a huge country, massive government, military, and all that includes. Knowing that the decisions you make, or don't make will have serious impact on the lives of all Americans, possibly for generations to come. I know as vp of sales for a company I more often than not had sleepless nights knowing that I was responsible for helping my team and company succeed. It weighed upon me knowing that if my team didn't deliver over a hundred families in the company would suffer the consequences. Can you imagine multiplying that by three hundred million?

Our first President, the one who showed the way for all future Presidents, George Washington whispered to John Adams as he was about to take his own oath of office as the second President, "I am fairly out, and you are fairly in. See which of us will be happiest." Even Washington, the most popular man who ever lived in America, was also criticized and ridiculed in his decisions as President. Years later John Adams was the first of only two Presidents in history to know the joy and trepidation of seeing their son elected to the same office. John Adams told John Quincy Adams "No man who ever held the office of President would congratulate a friend on obtaining it. He will make one man ungrateful, and a hundred men his enemies, for every office he can bestow."

It is hard to imagine how hard this job would be, you would be being pulled in a million different directions from every advisor, friend, and enemy. The weight of your decisions would have to haunt your every waking moment, no wonder we watch them age so.

However there are some awesome perks, you may only make 400,000.00/year for a job that in the private sector would pay millions, but your lifestyle would be one of the richest in the world. Nice home, great vacation spot at Camp David, private jumbo jets, helicopters, on and on and on. Who wouldn't like the deference you are afforded the power and celebrity that all is part of the package. But with the weight of the world on your shoulders, I am sure that you would be very pleased to finish your term and get out of the pressure cooker.

From watching Barrack Obama and how he is handling his Presidency, I have to say, I want to be Obama! He is truly enjoying all the perks, flying all over the world visiting and being wined and dined, going on multi-million dollar dates with his wife, playing golf, on and on.

In fact Playing is the best description of Obama's presidency, he is enjoying the perks and the play, but seems distant and unaffected by the work. He doesn't talk to his generals running his wars, he doesn't seem to pay much attention to the economy, he doesn't seem to care about what the unemployment rate or what direction it goes, he doesn't seem to care about much of anything but getting his pet programs in place.

He spends almost all his work time in campaign mode, in his comfort zone. Even when he campaigns his programs he only speaks to hand picked friendly crowds who are guaranteed to adore him, he won't do interviews with any journalists that doesn't pay homage at his feet. He lives in a protected cocoon where only those who sing his praises are allowed to enter.

If you didn't care about your military, even if they win or lose a war, how many die, or for what it takes a lot of pressure off.

If you didn't care what happened to Americans, their jobs and their futures, in fact the worse it gets for Americans the easier it would be to get them to let you put your programs in place, it has to make it less stressful.

If you didn't care about American sovereignty, safety, and standing in the world, it would be easier to not worry about making mistakes that can destroy America.

When you even don't care if your Health Care program actually works or if Cap and Trade do what they are advertised to do, as long as they increase your own power it has to keep your hair from going gray.

If you didn't care if your own parties political future is damaged by aligning themselves with you and your programs that sure would take stress off as well. If you didn't care about anyone, or anything but you and your own power life has to be pretty stress free.

Obama simply doesn't care, he is Playing President, enjoying all the perks while we all twist in the wind. I want to be Obama, but know I couldn't ever be I was born with a conscience and a soul.

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