Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Never Get Weary In Well Doing

America is at a crossroads like never before. In the next 31 to 77 days we as a nation will learn if we are going to be a nation of free men and women living in liberty as our founders created for us, or if we are going to trade freedom for so called security and "free" health care. This summer we have seen a groundswell of Americans standing up against the march toward Marxism under Obama and the democrats, and for that matter by too many republicans before them. However, it seems clear that Americans have awoken and are saying enough is enough.

Something that surely the democrats and Obama are counting on is that those same Americans who are mostly political rookies as activists will grow tired, and take their eyes off the ball during this last session of Congress this year. We must not allow that to happen, we are almost there. If you look at the Congressional calender you will see that the targeted date for adjourning Congress is October 30th this year. That is only 31 days from today, only 25 working days for the Congress and Senate to pass Government Health Care, Cap and Trade, Card Check, and Rockefeller's bill to strip of our right to free speech by allowing the White House to shut down our access to the Internet at will. That means we have to keep up the fight, and even push harder, for 31 more days. We need to reach out to others in our sphere of influence, friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and strangers to alert them to what is going on, and what we can do about it.

We must also keep in mind that they may extend the adjournment deadline back. They can move it to the end of November, which means that it would be 62 days, or 43 working days. It could even go as late as December 15th making it 77 days or 54 working days, but I don't believe that it will go later than that. Those in D.C. are not known for their work ethic to stay too later into their breaks, the later it goes the less who will still be there to vote.

If we can hold them off on these bills through this 31-77 days, it will be over. The next session these bills would have to start all over. There is no way that any of these can pass in 2010 during an election year. No blue dog would vote for any of these next year, none who won in a district that McCain won in 2008 would vote for any of these next year. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the democrats know that their best chance to socialize America is this next 31-77 days, you can count on them pushing as hard as they can. This has been their dream for decades. However, the American Dream has been held for much longer, and in this next 31 to 77 days We The People can turn back this assault and preserve The American Dream, Freedom, and Liberty for not only ourselves, but our children and grandchildren.

Patriots, don't get weary in well doing, now is not the time to rest, but to fight as hard as we can. Only 31 to 77 days to go! We Can Do It, We Must Do It, We Will Do It!!!

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