Thursday, October 21, 2010

Could We Be The One's We Have Been Waiting For?

During the election of 2008 on Super Tuesday then Senator Obama spoke these infamous words:

"We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."

After seeing the president's popularity swirl down the bowl for the last two years as he and his Democrat regime shoved one unpopular program after another arrogantly down the collective American throat, it is safe to say, it wasn't the "change that we sought."

However, he may have swerved into the truth on the first part, "We are the Change We've been waiting for." However, not so much in how Obama meant it. Obama may indeed have been the change it took to awaken a long sleeping giant in the American people. It may have taken someone so arrogant, so out of touch, so completely disdainful of the American people and all we hold dear to shake us awake. I pray to God it is not too late.

My own personal journey into conservative politics began in 1977 at 19 years old. It was directed against, now the second worst president in at least one hundred years, Jimmy Carter. As a youngster my parents instilled in me a love for my country, as even then a history nerd, I loved the men and women who had blazed the path each of us were now able to follow.

My passion for the free enterprise system, and our freedom and liberty, tied so closely to our individual rights, and rights to personal property were inflamed through the teaching and associations I shared through the Amway business. Dexter Yager, who owns the largest such business on the planet, an unapologetic passionate patriot, would bring in the biggest names to speak to us, educate us, often during the weekend that most of America was doing Labor Day cookouts, we were celebrating Free Enterprise Weekends all over the country.

Through the associations I was involved, I expected that I would be running for Congress soon, however after the way the media tried to destroy Dan Quayle, I decided I would not put my family through the torment that comes after conservatives. That I would wait until my kids were grown before running for office if ever. I knew that I did inhale during the 70s, and had a nutty ex-wife who I was sure would be good for a few news reels. So, like far too many conservatives, I was pushed to the sidelines backing and promoting others willing to take the arrows.

The biggest topic of consternation by so many of us who were long time passionate believers in moving conservative ideals forward was how most American lived their lives as conservatives, lived by conservative ideals, but might vote for liberals who were trying to undermine those very ideals. Our second big complaint was that most Americans simply were not paying any attention. They were so focused on "Who shot J.R." or "Who would be the Survivor, or Idol" or whatever the current mind drug distraction was on the national programing, they had no idea what was happening in D.C., of course they would complain about "politicians" but couldn't tell you specifics of their complaints. I know I wondered if the American people would ever wake up, or if it would take tanks in the streets enslaving them first.

Then came Obama, Pelosi, and Reid along with a cast of characters that would have made Orwell proud to have invented. Little by little people started to wake up. They would go to town hall meetings for the first time in their lives, and were treated like serfs by their "ruling class" representatives. The more this happened, the more video phones went out on Youtube, the more rage built, the more who got off their couches and joined. Soon town halls, courthouse yards, parks, and the National Mall were full of Americans demanding that they be listened to. New to the political discussion, new to this exchange of ideas, they were vilified, made fun of, called names, and even physically attacked. However "the more they oppressed them the more they multiplied and grew."

Today this new movement of Americans are doing something they have never done before. They are reading the U.S. Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and the writings of our founders. They are seeking to learn, and are sharing this information with each other through social media. We have grandmothers in California sharing information with farmers in Iowa, with lawyers in Florida, and doctors in Ohio, and everything in between. There are no distinctions by professions, titles, or wealth, it is an open forum were we are ALL Americans fighting together for the same thing, the move back to our Constitution.

There is disagreement, sometimes heated dialogue, but we are educating each other, we are sharing friend recommendations, building our army of revolutionaries. Revolutionaries not with guns, though most of us have them, but a revolution of ideas and of votes!

What we are seeing today, has long been the dream, and it is about to start becoming reality. This historic election will start the process, not finish it. We The People are serving notice to politicians of all brands. "It's the Constitution Stupid" and when we give the power back to the Republicans we will not go back to sleep. We demand that they don't go back to D.C. and try to get along or go along. We want Repeal, we want to strip these offending policies and bills from our laws and have them thrown into the scrap heap. No half measures will do or will be accepted.

The Republicans need to understand, with great power comes great responsibility, and that power they will hold is not theirs, it is ours, it belongs to We The People and will will take it back as quickly as we give them the leasehold for it. We will grant a leasehold on power, but never the title or deed to it ever again. If the GOP doesn't follow our lead, they will go the way of the Federalists and Whigs before them.

Republicans, we are about to grant you this power. If you follow through you will keep it for a long time, if you lose your way, it is at the peril of your positions.

So who knew, all these years that it was We who we have been waiting on? Thank God We have all shown up, now it begins Tuesday November 2nd, see you at the polls, and I am sure we will hear each other celebrating late into the night.

Just know, after the party, it is back to work!

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