Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Cordoba Initiative, What Does That Mean?

The phrase and underlying belief that for anyone who doesn't know history will be doomed to repeat it is playing out in our daily news today. Unfortunately, most of us have missed it by not knowing the significant history of it. I must admit that I missed it as well. That is in regard to the Cordoba Initiative Mosque near Ground Zero.

The discussion on this ranges from that it is insensitive to that it's their Constitutional right to freedom of religion to build it where ever they please. The discussion goes back in forth on who is this Imam, who is behind the finances, and how we must protect the rights of those we disagree with, to protect our own through our Constitution. However, were is the discussion of the meaning on the name, the history behind this name, and the obvious intersection with this location for this mosque?

The site of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack in NYC has been made into a permanent memorial in remembrance of the more than 2500 people that died there. This is not uncommon for our culture to honor those who have fallen with memorials, creating a sacred ground. For many of the family members this is a sacred grave site, as their loved ones bodies were never recovered, as they were incinerated into only ashes and those ashes are mixed into the soil there.

Now a Muslim group has bought property within 2 blocks of this site. There intention is to tear down the existing building and to erect a 13 story Mosque and Islamic Center. The cost of this project will be approximately 100 million dollars, money which was donated by persons whom wish their identity to remain anonymous. The name of this project is The Cordoba Initiative. An Inman, named Inman Farouk Abdul Rauf, is in charge of the project and he has been linked to terrorist groups outside
the US. He refuses to label Hamas as a terrorist organization, he has blamed America as responsible at least in part for the 9/11 attack, as well as for the existence of Osama bin Ladin.

The name they chose for this project, Cordoba Initiative, is an
interesting chose. For those who are not students of history, Cordoba is
a city in Spain. During the time of the Crusades it was one of Spain's
greatest cultural centers. The Moors, which were a group of Muslims from
North Africa invaded Spain beheading all infidels (non-Muslim
believers), captured Cordoba, converted it to their city and turned the
city's well known Catholic cathedral into a mosque.

Throughout history Muslims have been known to capture territory and always convert the most prized Christian churches into mosques. It is no accident that this
NYC Islamic Center is being called the Cordoba Initiative. They are
claiming a victory of 9/11 and creating their own memorial. In that culture their memorials are not in honor of the dead, but to display their victory over those who were defeated.

Mayor Bloomberg and the city council of NYC have approved the project, and made the statement that it symbolized the religious freedom allowed in America. The Governor of New York and others have offered to find another location for this center, which actual might be a more prime location, but would allow the mosque to be built where it would not be offensive to the 9/11 survivors. The Cordoba Initiative group
refused to relocate.

Last night Obama held a celebration of Ramadan (Friday 8/13),the Muslims most holy holiday, at the White House. At that time he made a statement welcoming the building of the Islamic Center in NYC, on it's chosen location near the 9/11 WTC Memorial.

Also Obama is paying Inman Rauf's way, as a representative of the US State Department as a representative of the Muslim faith in the US, on a trip to Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirate. Supposedly Inman Rauf is not to conduct any fund raising on this trip. This is Your tax dollar at work!

Do you suppose this location might have been chosen so that those family members and other Americans who go to Ground Zero to show respect for those who died at the WTC must hear a "celebration of victory over them" every time the Muslim call for prayer is chanted 5 times day from the new mosque, which could be heard at the WTC Memorial?

Does this information help make this less about is it insensitive or should we embrace their rights, and more about why they want to do this? It does to me.


  1. I just learned that they changed the name to hide their intent, however, the group behind it has maintained the name Cordoba Initiative.

  2. Well said Jim, well said. I'm writing letters to all my senators, congressmen, Bloomberg and staff, and anyone I can get to listen. Not sure if my letters will make a difference but I just can't say nothing. Well blogged.

  3. The "Muslims" (actually the Islamic Empire) didn't defeat the "Spaniards" in Cordoba, they defeated the Visigoths (an East Germanic tribe), who had invaded defeating the Romans 100 years before.

    The Mosque at Cordoba was built on the site of a much smaller Visigoth church (which had been in turn built on the site of a Roman temple.) The Mosque, which was built over the course of 600 years, was converted to a church by Ferdinand III of Castille in 1236 and a Cathedral was added to the site in the mid 1500s. It has remained a Christian institution since 1236.

    Anyone who cared about actual facts could look it up in a few minutes. It's interesting that in order to make your point you felt you needed to so badly mischaracterize the facts.

  4. Can you say DefeatAllDemocrats?

    Let them have the Jihadist, Allah and Sharia law vote, while we'll take those that actually like a capitalist, constitutional republic based upon the rule of law centered under inalienable rights given to us by nature's God, Whom is Elohim of the Word of God.

    Thanks for listening,

  5. Wow! Good work you gotta hit the history otherwise you totally miss the tradition and often motive of the intentions of the enemy's among us!!!!!!!

    When a nation is conquered you usually see the King of the country obstruct their flag, administer their law, language, religion and construct their BUILDINGS on the newly defeated foes land often in a place they held in high regard. It is called CONQUERING a classic example of this is Alexander the GREAT who conquered the then know world and do you think he made concessions with his subjects on the basis of freedom of religion, allow them to speak anything other than Greek in his world, converted to their religion to appease them and cause unity, allow them to have sovereign parts of land for a garrison the answer is obvious, NO! And we do the exact opposite we as a nation are corrupting from within like Rome and being conquered one brilliant move of a CHESS piece at a time by the hands of the green flagged, Mecca facing, intolerant, imperialistic, demonic, terrorist breeding, Antichrist religion called Islam.

    And once more we have a president; Barak Hussein Obama who weighed in might I add after a RAMADAN celebration at the White house!!! Months after his influence cancelled the day of prayer because of pressure from the Muslim community because Graham told the TRUTH about Islam. And you so called preachers should be more careful about casting your vote at this man from "the pulpit" because in time it will damage your position in the church.